The pyramid structure was used in the times of the ancient cultures like Lemuria and Atlantis and Mayan and Egyptian cultures.  Each of us has its own pyramid filled with its own coded sacred geometry, just waiting for us to access and heal ourselves with.  The pyramid in itself is a very powerful structure and when used by bringing this structure over ourselves creates an intense portal of energy raising our vibrations.  A pyramid structure on its own has immense energy field in and around it, bringing in the energy in the form of a Y to the point of the pyramid and infusing the pyramid inside with perfectly balanced energy.  By adding a sacred geometric symbol inside this pyramid structure you create an enormously powerful energy of creation within this structure.  This energy is then channelled into the physical body inside the pyramid structure and the balance and healing takes place within this beautiful powerful energy. 

When using the pyramid structure for healing and meditation with sacred geometry the colour NEON BLUE must be used.  This creates centredness.  The vibration of this colour NEON BLUE sends a message to the DNA of the human body to release old encoding systems and replace old genetic material with new codings and an instruction to regenerate.    

5th dimensional healing is not the same as 3rd dimensional healing where one is only relying on the physical element and is based on your fear of not healing.  5th dimensional healing is based on the language of love and the powerful language of sacred geometry, sound, colour and vibration speaking to your DNA structure and giving it full permission to heal and change.  All disease on planet earth is caused by DIS-EASE.  A state of uneasiness for learning the lesson of that particular ailment.

This is no longer necessary in the New Golden Age and we are now being given a wonderful opportunity to heal ourselves and walk this planet fully healed, fully awake and full of love and in balance knowing that we are an infinite expression of divine love with ease.

Disease was also encoded into our DNA as part of our blueprints before incarnation and relied on the genetics of our human parents to pass this on to us and so became part of our energetic structure to become Dis-eased at the chosen point in time (all chosen and perfectly divine).  

Sacred geometry is science in its highest expression.  All things are encompassed in it.  There is no part that is not, and no part that is not divine in any way.  Simply put a drawing of a symbol is just as powerful as using it in meditation with thought.  The energy behind the symbol is what does the healing, so by just looking at a particular symbol that you are fascinated by, you will find that you are doing your own healing by channelling that energy of the symbol through your physical body, mental and spiritual body.

The ancient cultures were masters of the use of this symbology and the use of the energy contained within them.  Put them in a pyramid and you amplify the energy of the symbol by 33 by 33 by 33.  And in a 4 pointed base pyramid is 33 X 33 X 33 X 33 X 33 X 33= INFINITY (symbology not math). (8 - Two by 3,3’s joined back to front is the symbol of infinity that we all carry in our own structure of geometry around us). 

Energy is infinite and therefore healing is infinite.   Only our lack and fear holds back from receiving this energy.  Connection to the collective lack consciousness of receiving including the belief system that ‘I am not worthy of receiving healing’ is stopping you from claiming your true abundance of health.

Liat Nava Aliya ©