The space of the heart is a sacred space. It is where we connect to the All is One Source. It is where we give and receive love. It is where we will have to learn to operate from in the New Golden Age.

In this space we live released from fear and anger and concern ourselves with love. It is important not to forget self love for if we cannot love the self, we cannot truly love another. It is through the heart that we truly see the divine connection between each and every one of us and it is through this that we release all judgment and learn acceptance firstly with ourselves then with others. With this acceptance comes the peace joy and bliss that brings heaven to earth. It is this that we all truly deserve and strive for. This is attainable in this lifetime if we can accept that we are the divine magnificent beings of light and love.

It is from our hearts that we will be able to live in the NOW for our hearts have intelligence that is different from the mind, the mind always wants to have a timeline goal and strives to keep us busy and distracted. The heart has no timeline and is not concerned with the past or future. The heart responds to healing with the music note of " F" and with the colours green and pink. If we spend just a few minutes a day meditating it can truly help us connect with ourselves and learn to heal ourselves with sound, colour, light and intent and most important -love. All on this website has been experienced by me.

Liat Nava Aliya