Ascended Master Abu Myra welcomes you to the City of Light Andromeda 

Channelled by Liat Nava Aliya ©


(the first part of the channelling was for me as this was my first audio, but I felt that it was necessary to include it as it all is) 

Greetings beloved one 

It is wonderful to be here with you today.  There is much joy in this connection and much work to be done on this realm, on this planet, for this planet needs to ascend.  You are someone known as the grid keeper.   

This process of channelling is new for you, but only new in that you use your voice. So we ask you not to be afraid for the words that come through are for you beloved one.  And we see your dream, your dream of new earth. We ask you to hold this dream in your vision and not to let it go, for this new earth is a reality and will become after the earth ascends.  There are many prophesies about the ascension of the earth and what is going to happen, but we ask you to leave the fear, and grace the order of the light. 

There will be times that you will doubt yourself and do not think that anything is right, we ask you not to, your heart is in the right place.  

We would introduce ourselves today, we are the ascended masters from Andromeda, and you are quite correct, Ascended Master Abu Myra.  We work with you from this realm within the city of light and we welcome you with open arms and joy and gladness and receive you with as much.  These cities, cities of light above the earth within the earth, will become greater known from now on and there are many who are going to be channelling the cities of light apart from the city of light- Andromeda for there are many constellations in the galaxy, many. There are 144 cities of light within and above the earth, within the earth’s and above, energetic structure.  All these cities on the 5th dimension are easily accessible for as you know there is no time constraints or space constraints in the 5th dimension. We are free to travel anytime, anywhere.   

The Ascended Master Abu Myra is an ascension master of the highest order.

He teaches all those who come to the city of light- Andromeda and helps all those in the ascension process.  We request that you put this on your website and make information available for all that come to visit your website. That they are welcome to the visit the city of light- Andromeda for instruction in the ascension process.  They will have to raise their vibration and so we give you a technique to put on your website to be able to raise their vibrations. 

And part of this you have already done with The Golden Light- The Ray of Golden Light that you channelled in Mozambique.  For this is the ray of light that activates and cleans and clears the energetic structure and the merkaba.  This is the ray of light that the ascended masters reside in- the Golden Ray of Light. 

At present you are able to access the cities of light because of your high vibration, but there are many others who are not able to do this and they will have to work at raising their vibration so that they too may be able to visit the city of light.  And we have given you the symbol of sacred geometry for being able to do this.  For you have drawn it as you sat and this will be the Star of David tetrahedron within a circle, 2 y points, one from each side, left and right, coming to the centre of this point and grounding deep into the heart of mother earth.  This brings in the masculine and feminine to the heart centre and then grounds it deep into the heart of mother earth. (please see link on my website for the link to the sacred geometry to this channelling under the channelling section- or click here SACRED GEOMETRY )

And then by raising the pranic breath from the heart of mother earth into your heart and bringing in that pranic breath on the left and on the right through the pyramid structures from the sky and into the heart and merging all in one and creating a flow will raise the vibration and you may carry this into the city of light with you.  The doors will open.  The City of light is in the 5th dimension and is connected to all and all is one. 

There are many who reside in the city of light above and below the surface

of the earth. We represent the star systems of the Galaxy and are overseen

by the great white brotherhood.  And we work closely with The Galactic

Federation, The Ashtar Command, The Councils of Light from each different

city.  Each city has representatives that sit on the Galactic Council of Light

and the Galactic Federation for as you know there is much activity around and in the earth.  There are many visiting space ships and star ships around your planet awaiting and there are many who have been channelling this information about something called First Contact.  But we advise you beloved ones to be patient for there are many energies that need to be shifted and moved before first contact can become available.

But know that it will happen and it will happen shortly. In divine timing, so we ask you to be patient and to hold the energy of peace within you within your heart and continue to visit the city of light where we await you with warm welcome and much joy.  The city of Andromeda is not very well known as a city of light, so there are not many entities that come and visit from the earth. But as your website becomes more well known we will be visited and we are delighted at these visitations.  As each of you arrive we place around your neck a blue crystal and this serves as a record of your comings and goings.

For as before you arrive we will know that you are arriving for it will show up on our computers.   And we are glad to work with you dearly beloved ones, we have waited a long time for this contact and this contact is joyful and the ascension of the earth is a definite.  And will happen also in a short space of linear time and this is the joyful feeling of anticipation that you are picking up within your spirit, for this is your soul presence knowing and bringing that knowing in and that knowledge of the joy that you feel from the 5th dimension.  

And as you bring this in and ground this energy of joy, within your heart, within your being, and others who are in and around your space will feel this tremendous peace and joy and optimism and so beloved one, this is Ascended Master Abu Myra at your service and I will be your divine guide within the city at anytime, your presence is greatly welcome as are you all as you are able to visit us.  We have much knowledge to impart for humanity as does each city of light.   Our way of life is not the same as you have on earth.  We will help you create the communities of light that are necessary for the new earth that is coming.  Do not be afraid beloved ones for there is much joy in this earth ascension and there is much peace and unconditional love and if we can call this re-blue printing so that all of you who have attained ascension, your blueprints are and will be able to be used in different parts of the galaxy for creating a new way of life, for there has not always been peace in the galaxy and there has been much warring and fighting over many different planets, but this will not continue for the peace on earth and the peace of the galaxy rests on the peace of the earth which is now definite, so we are all here to aid you and help you with this earth ascension.  And with the processes that you are going through. 

There is never a time beloved one that you are not connected, there is never a time that your are never surrounded, there is never a time where we do not send our love.  There is never a time that you are alone.  There is always a time that you are here and there, we love you and we are always with you.  Reach out and connect with us. We are Andromeda- City of Light. 

Ascended Master Abu Myra. 

Channelled by Liat Nava Aliya ©