Channelled by Liat Nava Aliya ©


We are The council of Light City of Light – Andromeda

This is ascended master Abu Myra at your service. 

We channel you today on the

 Accelerated Ascension Chambers for Ascension  

These chambers combine important aspects of ascension process.  Namely your energetic structure from your physical, emotional, mental, lightbody and MerKaBa.  Your MerKaBa is your ascension vehicle and it is important that you all learn the cleansing, activating and spinning techniques.

We guide you that Drunvalo Melchizedek has documented this in great detail and we guide you to use this correct spinning technique available.

The Accelerated ascension chambers will aid you in balancing, cleaning and clearing the structures of your 4 bodies.  It is also important that you Ask for these chambers as you sleep at night.  Planetary and earth and your personal ascension cannot take place without a conscious effort on your parts.

Educating yourself in your energetic structures and the healing and clearing of them is now vital.  Along with your DNA lightbody activations, comes the necessary work you need to do with your MerKaBa. It takes responsibility to do this along with the recognition of The Truly Divine Magnificent Beings of Light that you truly are.  Work at your guided pace, your heart and intuition will guide you well.  Listen for the guidance that comes your way, for we speak to you in many different ways. 

The light quotient has increased to an unexpected degree and many of you are feeling it with your emotional issues that are surfacing through your DNA and asking you to work on them.  You have had many lifetimes on this planet and others, and all on this planet have come to experience ascension whether it is conscious or not. All will gain from this ascension and carry its memory within your energetic structure.  It has been a wonderful learning process and we are all here to guide you, to help you and aid you. 

If you look carefully at the children, like this one Liat has done, you will see the joy shining within, because the children are awake and in tune with the process of planetary ascension.  They know what is going on and they feel our joy in this Ascension.  The children have come to teach you to listen to your intuitive feelings.  So we guide you to listen and just watch them. 


Come and place yourselves in The temple of Light and Sound and stand within the sacred circle in the centre of this temple.  Ask your Master Guides, Masters of Healing, Ascended Masters to join you.  Ask that you receive the sacred geometry that you need for this moment.  Imagine a shaft of pure
Platinum Ray extending from the sky, all around you and into the heart of mother earth.  Here we all meet you, honour you fill you with light, love, joy.

We take your hands now and escort you through to the Ascension Chambers where we place you in STASIS.  It is here that you ask for the work you need to be done to aid you in Ascension and you will receive this. 

We honour you beloved ones for the work you have done on this earth and at this time.  We eagerly await the day where we will walk among you and greet you face to face.   That day is drawing near.  We know many of you are weary, dear lightworkers, you tirelessly work, day in and day out.  Know this that all is not in vain.

We greet you from this City of Light- Andromeda. 

With honour, joy and love in constant flow.

This is Ascended Master Abu Myra 

Channelled by Liat Nava Aliya ©