Channelled by Liat Nava Aliya ©

We are The Council of Light City of Light Andromeda 

This is Ascended Master Abu Myra and Ascended Master Hara Maya. 

Today we channel you on Acceptance and Responsibility. 

There is much information and channelling on duality and the lessons of the darkness.  This channelling is in essence Part 2. 

As you face your duality within you, it brings many mirrors for you to look at.  Some you do not wish to face yet and others you embrace wholeheartedly.The challenging months ahead will be in the completion phase for many of you on this path of enlightenment. This process requires looking within.  For it is only looking within that you will move forward on your journey in ASCENSION.  The transition phase you are currently in along with the GREAT SHIFT is causing great movement on this planet at present.  Both in the group consciousness and on a deep individual basis. 

Should you find yourselves feeling lost or stuck, it is a clear indication that a message is being sent to you from a higher vibrational level.  It requires that you look honestly at yourselves.  It requires that you also look into all aspects of your lives at present.  The completion phase is just this.  Of course there is always your own freedom of choice and expression, but the base line is that completion is required.

To recognise these issues at present, it may take honesty of what is currently working for you on all levels in all areas of your lives.  This includes relationships, work, where you live and how you go about your daily affairs.  Integrity and honesty for the truth, that you know it, and how you live your lives and acknowledgment that you are a part of planet.  Your lightwork and thoughts give immense power to the deeds and events that follow onto them.  The same applies to your own lives. 

The release of your karmic issues within this cycle form a great part of your next process in ASCENSION. For without the release on an energetic level, you will be feeling it.  How you can recognise the issues of karma is through your own feelings and emotions.  Many times you have incarnated on this planet with many of the interactions coming to you now for release.  Your karmic set ups and release are tied in with this completion phase, which is why so many of you are processing so much in such a short space of time.  Know that you have great assistance at present from the higher realms and if you are feeling stuck it is a good idea to find a quiet place and ask us for assistance. As you work towards the completion phase ending at the end of this year, you enter the new phase of THE GREAT AWAKENING. 

Negativity only affects you if it is allowed.  There is no such thing as “being made to”.  For there is always a choice in the action followed by the deed and the intent behind it. As your awareness growth takes place from deep within you have become aware that responsibility of your own path is not as difficult as it appears.  Many of you are discovering the synchronicity of events taking place around you in your own creations, whether it be at work or in your own private affairs. You will find that you will no longer wish to place yourselves in lower vibrational energies and will strive in your own lives to seek the highest of the high for yourselves. 

The practice that it takes, often greets you with a response from the universe that carries with it the integrity of what you intended.  Along with your integrity, has begun to show you that all is indeed possible.  It at the same time is teaching you responsibility for your own energy systems.  As you have grown so has your concern for the responsibility towards the planet and not only its inhabitants but also for the diminishing plant and animal life on it.   Not only has humanities current energy usages degraded life for all on it through pollution of the environment through the use of OIL, but also in the air quality that you breathe, to the polluted and infested waters that you drink.  Many are not aware that the quality of drinking water is so poor, that what is available to the poorest communities on this planet is often doctored with a poisonous fluoride (peptide inhibitor) tantamount to forced medication.  This too does nothing for the natural environment along with the many industrial pollutants and effluent.  Many of you have realised that it cannot continue and those in political power play lip service to their responsibility to this planet.  They have for decades ignored the warnings. The current light on this planet is bringing many issues both personal and not, to be dealt with.  Many are arrogant in thinking that it is not their responsibility, but responsibility begins with awareness and acceptance of your own paths and what occurs on it.  Know too that you are in integral part of the planet and its ecosystems.  The denial of clean and acceptable practices now comes to the fore along with that your raised awareness will bring much of the new advances along with it as many of the dedicated minds bring in and develop new technologies which the INTERNET will aid its release. 

The cycle of acceptance and responsibility comes with greater awareness and assists you in the next process of ASCENSION on this planet. 

 We leave you on the ray of love and peace. 

This is Ascended Master Abu Myra and Ascended Master Hara Maya. 

AVA MAYA* rejoice in NEW EARTH 

Channelled by Liat Nava Aliya ©