Greetings beloved one

Channelled by Liat Nava Aliya ©


We are the Council of Light City of Light Andromeda 

This is Ascended Master Abu Myra at your service 

This evening we channel you on The Illuminati and Africa 

This presentation is for humanity. 

Beloved ones, the truth has been hidden from you for so long, the dark has entrailed their fingers that still grip this world in fear.  But for the most part, our channellings via the worlds channels have brought you much needed information on the truth behind the goings on in the Illuminati. 

The entire planet and not only the USA has been held in this grip for far too long, and the game been played has caused much devastation around the globe, not only on your own home fronts with many wars, but in other parts of this globe.  Africa has not been without its unfair share of the Illuminati. They have used Africa to its own end, with the vast mineral and natural resources of wealth for the taking.  It has successfully made sure that faction fighting amongst smaller groups of individuals have kept this alive and the people living in advert poverty and lack without hope and ever having peace in their lives. 

They did this by not only funding each side of the factioning parties, but also interfering in the governing systems of countries where they had an interest. Diamonds, gold, oil were their main targets.  In these areas you will find the most instability in countries ranging from all areas of the African continent. 

Africa has been known to be the DARK CONTINENT.  Really?  We ask you to look deep inside the hearts of the many that reside on this continent and you will find not only a deeply spiritual human being, but also a human being connected to their Spiritual Ancestors.  Like the Native American Indian, the African spirituality was duped as evil, but is anything but evil.  It too is a choice Like in all aspects of being human, you have a choice to duality.

There are of course many who connected with the Dark and they too were a direct result of the learning for duality and much fuelled the desire to create the instability needed for the diversion that The Illuminati needed. Of course your Media in all countries have not transmitted the truth in any area of instability.  It has always been presented as fear based and protectionism. 

This information has been known by many governments around the planet, but because none have operated within the light, they too had a hand in what they so desired to exploit. 

This beloved ones is coming to and end.  The light showers this planet in an awesome display, the QUIET before the storm is here.  You can feel it at the heart level.  You can communicate with the animals, with the Deavic realm. 

We await eagerly to assist you all with First Contact, we again reiterate the patience, for we can see the greater plan.  We know many of you are agitated at the waiting. We invite you to the City of Light Andromeda where it is with much joy we greet you with open hearts. 

None on planet earth will be left out. 

We greet you from The City of Light Andromeda 
This is Ascended Master Abu Myra

AVA MAYA-rejoice in New Earth (in Andromedan) 

Channelled by Liat Nava Aliya ©