Channelled by Liat Nava Aliya ©

A special note from Liat: in this channelling specifically mentions Arabic Name.  I am not familiar with Arabic or any Arabic names, so I had to look up the meaning of the words afterwards:

So to translate the meaning of  Al-Nur Habib is the following:
Al-  the
Nur- light
Habib- beloved

So The City of Light- Al-Nur Habib is the New City of Light in Dubai. A beloved place of light and everlasting peace. 

I also fly to Dubai on 02-05-2007 and again on the 19-05-2007 to ground columns of light in this area. 

channelling begin: 

This is The Council of Light- City of Light- Andromeda- Ascended Master Abu Myra at your service. 

This evening we channel you on:

The Grounding of The Ray of Light in Dubai
on the 02-05-2007. 

Beloved one, there is much desire to have this planet ascend, and one of the reasons that you fly to Australia via Dubai is so that these columns of light that will be grounded will aid in the final steps of the release of the Dark on this area of chaos in the Middle east.  As this grounding of columns of light begins, it reverberates deep into the core of mother earth’s heart and back out again into the cosmos signalling yet another message that change is indeed on the way.  These columns of light will further aid the City of Light that is manifesting there.  It shall be called Al-Nur Habib. The city of ever lasting peace.

It is a culmination point of much disarray and chaos not only in unrest in the Middle East, but also in the portrayal of the people that live in these areas.  Many want and pray for peace, if not for themselves, but for their children.  Children need loving, peace filled environments to live in, and many children around the planet, do not have this, whether in a privileged home nor under privileged.  It is for this reason that change is coming, for all systems on this planet that currently operate in the old energetic system of lack, greed, fear, control, anger, lust is falling apart rapidly. 

Many areas around the planet are in need of light grounding, but in areas of conflict, it is often difficult to physically visit such places, so you are placed on the perimeter of this area to do this.  It will suffice in what is needed to aid the connection. 

The urgency that you currently feel is the rapid speeding up of time. We greet you from this realm with much joy and anticipation. 

This is Ascended Master Abu Myra.

AVA MAYA- Rejoice in New Earth.