Channelling by Liat Nava Aliya ©


Greetings beloved one 

This is Ascended Master Abu Myra and Hara Maya here today 

We are the Council of Light  City of Light Andromeda 

Today we channel you on Apocalyptic vision and the shifting reality 

We come to you at a precious and changing time. For earth is at a pivotal point in terms of resources and energy crisis, but also in terms of spiritual development.  Spiritual development has many connotations in today's world. There are many kinds of paraphernalia attached to the search of spirituality. This is shaded by what is really meant by spirituality and the search to become ever more so.  Many engrained spiritual practices have been wiped out through the development of mankind in his place to acquire power and lands.  The mutilation of many practices which were practiced were ingrained into these cultures and the practice of which led to powerful ways in which to use energy.   This universal energy is exactly that, God made this energy, infinite and within it is the sacred geometry of codings.  Humankind through the ages has tried to manipulate this code and energy, recognising it as a powerful tool, but at the same time overcome with fear of these practices.  It is so that many of these have been lost through the darkness of men. 

Sacred rites have been taken and abused by many, used for the intentions set behind them in dark and ugly ways. This has created lost souls on so many levels.  So many parts of the soul that has fragmented through the abuses of power and the actions of humankind.  Where this has occurred the passage of rite has been instilled deeply into the psyche of the human mind and filtered through the energy matrixes where you all feel the vibrations of these.  Fragmented and parts of this will be evident in the speech used, your media will pick up parts of this and use it in a negative way on mankind, with the full knowledge of the effect the negativity has on energy of the human being. 

There have always been those who use these sacred practices responsibly and have knowledge far beyond the average human being, but where these human beings outshine, the old energy matrix and the low vibration of the human being  wants to turn this instantly into negative and dark ways, engulfing waves of self made vibrations that need not be so low.  There are many human beings who are very aware of sacred practices and rites, but these are only taught to responsible humans, for the devastation it can unleash if used with the dark forces bear a KARMA so great. 

Rising above the vibrations takes effort, honesty and time.  This is because the processes needed, still need to carry out in the dimension you are living in, and sudden overriding light, can cause great discomfort to the soul. So it is with caution you are guided to work on yourselves with vision and dedication. The powerful act of vision on a higher vibrational level is required for this responsibility.  To activate yourselves through sacred rites is a powerful means and should not be taken lightly and awareness of this needs powerful vision and understanding of the workings of the energy humankind is beginning to be aware of.  This energy, life-force and God Codings, sacred geometry is the breath of life and human kind is being warned on its misuse.

Intelligence often comes into play - Intelligence is no measure of spiritual development.  INTENT is.  Where intelligence and intent is combined for use IN THE HIGHEST GOOD OF HUMANKIND is where the greatest deeds of mankind of a positive nature are recorded.  Where this is used for the use of POWER, GREED FEAR and the INTENT is of a negative nature you will find THE GREATEST DEEDS OF MANKIND are of DEVASTATING effect to the entire world.   This has led to demise after demise and mankind’s path set himself up for advancement in technology, while forgetting spiritual development.   

Until now, where the very core of why mankind is here filters into our very consciousnesses to attain the path of spiritual awareness.  Often there is much confusion around spirituality.  You will not find it in any practice or rite.  You will not find it in an object or book.  You will find this in your very own essence of light of God you carry within.  Sacred practices, when you are attuned to the highest light and you are able to channel this light,  you will  have the vision to see the devastation that humankind must emerge from.  The culling of powerful practices and rites either by force or exclusion has displaced so many souls through the violence that ensued from its misunderstanding.  Humankind has an intolerable way of destroying and inflicting pain on all it does not understand. 

Use these sacred codings with responsibility with the full understanding that you are also responsible for those you possibly inflict it on through MISUSE.

The ego/heart has to step aside and as you learn the ways in which to create on ever higher levels, you will with apocalyptic vision be able to use energy in the ways in which are only for the highest light. 

We leave you on the RAY OF PEACE.

Channelled By

Liat Nava Aliya