Channelled by Liat Nava Aliya ©

Greetings Beloved ones 

We are the Council of Light –City of Light –Andromeda.

This is Ascended Master Abu Myra and Ascended Master Hara Maya at your service.

29-06-2007 and the 04-07-2007

We channel you this evening on YOUR BELIEF SYSTEMS AND JUDGEMENT 

Beloved ones this requires a deep look into the mirror of the self.  You have been your entire lives been given belief systems to work with in the old system set up on planet earth in every system of being and living on this 3d earthly plane.  You carry this with you as taught memories that you constantly refer to in your days of activities.  As these systems are crumbling and the old energy they contain no longer is allowed to be on this plane, a new way of being has been brought to the fore.  This new way of being is new energy and is unexplainable as the unconditional love that it is based in, that human beings have begun remembering their inner divineness and face their light, it will come as no surprise that you begin to look at your belief systems.  Beloved ones, you are so conditioned in your societies, so removed from the connectiveness of mother earth, that it pains so many of you on a deeper level.  Know that all is as it should be.  We guide you to begin this work on beliefs that you currently hold, that began at a very young age as you were brought up in homes of great diversity and many different cultures.  It may come as a surprise that the cultures that teach connectiveness to mother earth and respect for it, are the same ones that were nearly destroyed by those carrying belief systems based in fear of another. 

All your daily activities have been governed by lack, and system set up for old earth for learning of disconnection, pain, fear, control and lack.  Those that are trying desperately to keep you on such are not succeeding as lightworkers and THE COMPANY of HEAVEN work tirelessly at INCREASING the light. 

The Gateway 7-7-07 will bring an unparallel influx of light.  This paves the way for release of much needed negativies. As you transmutate these negativies within your own energy fields, you ground the I AM presence further within you.  As you align yourselves to the 7-7-07 it begins a new phase. 

You begin to question every action of every system, you will see its flaws, those of you may ask yourselves why you currently remain in the jobs that you are, is that you will aid the RE-WRITING of many of the systems.  The same applies to your own belief systems.

Ask what is a belief system?  A belief system is a system put in place by yourself to enable you to learn from it.  Your very own greatness and divineness were shelved into a belief system that had you believing you were not.  Your own awakenings demand that you honestly look at your thoughts, beliefs, and actions.  For any not in integrity stand out immediately.  For you what this means is that you are being shown in many ways to go beyond the mundane and question your very actions in all you think, say and do.  It requires of you to begin to think positively of your own physical being.  It also requires of you to begin taking responsibility for your own health issues at hand.  Your own healing and DNA repairing is available to you; your intent is a very powerful tool of your own healing.  It is merely the belief that you “cannot” is what stops you from attaining your own healing. 

Many of you have the belief that you are stuck in “contracts” that you had drawn up as part of your life plans and these “need to be fulfilled”.  Beloved ones- only if you wish to. All now is changeable, your belief that you cannot change things for yourself are an integral part of old world belief systems that will not serve you now.  As you embrace the current energies of change now in ASCENSION, it is up to each individual how they do this.  We guide many of you to your emotional healing as this frees the negative energies within your own energy fields and opens the heart. Belief systems of OLD EARTH do not serve the NEW EARTH.  The energy of the New does not confirm to the ENERGY of OLD Earth.  There is no set way except the unconditional love that it will be based on.  There is no set linear time span in our dimension, so it will become difficult to hold onto these systems of OLD.  You will not want to as being of higher awareness to carry them with you.  You have learned a great deal from them and how they do not serve the many, but a few. Who have little regard for the human being.  Coming into your own sovereignty means that no lower vibrational energies will be able to interact with you or have any hold on you. 

We say that many belief systems have emotional connotations attached to them that keep you in a cycle of guilt, fear, negativity or any unpleasantness in your emotional feelings.  Because your thoughts create so powerfully you create more of the same emotional feeling.  This is why we ask you to look honestly at your belief systems not only about yourself, but as you work on yourself you will become clearer and see the injustice of what has been created for duality. 

You have been indoctrinated by many belief systems that created harsh judgement of others.  As you vibrate higher, these will become replaced by respect for others in their own right.  Many earthly peoples have been misplaced by the judgment of others in particular those of the earth who lived in tribes and were connected strongly to their ancestors.  Today there are many of you who see through the wolves in sheep’s clothing and have questioned integrity first. 

We give you 3 words 




Your innate belief about yourself is what you are creating at present.  Watching how you think about yourself is the first step.  You shall become what you think; your physical body and DNA will change accordingly to match your thoughts about yourself.  We advise that you create a sacred space for yourself, a place to meditate and reflect the changes occurring within you.  There is no hiding what needs to be done and you are all guided by your teams.  The current energy vibrations are high and many of you are uncomfortable at present.  Sleepless nights are common, emotional issues are coming at you fast and furious; light is being shone on all that is not in integrity within you and within your current lives.  The restlessness you feel is part of the knowing that something better is coming.  But it requires from you a deeper look into how you think about yourself and this is reflected outward to others around you.    

Until you have mastered your thought process and placed yourselves in a place of “no invasive thoughts” then you have work to do.  You do not have to hang onto patterns of thought that are negative.  Release them.  Request your guide team to assist you at every turn. 

We bring to attention a point, and this is assistance to others.  Should it not be requested and you have seen another requires assistance in their path regarding their own healing, then you have already passed judgement on them by assessing that they need assistance.  This is interference and you have not given them the divine space of their own growth.  You are unable at present to read their records on a higher level, and you do not know the path of those concerned.  You will be met with resistance usually on the part of the person concerned.  Each person is in a growth of their own. 


Come and stand in The Temple of Light and Sound in the city of light andromeda.  Request your guides to stand around you in support.  There is a sacred circle in the centre of this Temple.  There is a shaft of golden light extending from the circle to the heavens.  As you stand here request that all negative belief systems that you hold be brought to light.  It may come as a thought, a vision, a feeling, a sound.  Release them into the column of light.  It is here that you request alignment to the higher light and vibrations of the 5th dimension and higher. 

We leave you on the ray of golden light.  We support you in this process at all times and guide with our knowledge. 

This is Ascended Master Abu Myra and Ascended Master Hara Maya. 

Channelled by Liat Nava Aliya ©