Channelled by Liat Nava Aliya ©

Centering, Balancing, Aligning. 

Greetings beloved one 

We are the city of light- elders of the council- of the City of Light- Andromeda
This is ascended master Abu Myra at your service. 

We greet you today, this fine day from the higher dimensions for we are indeed very excited at this present moment.  For you all on planet earth everything feels that nothing is happening, but everything is happening and those of you that are in tune with your divine guidance will feel this on higher levels.  For those that are connected to the higher level will know, ”hey” there is something happening I can feel it, so we ask you to connect with your feelings, for these are your divine guidance and it is your council. 

It is also your higher self talking to you in many tones and colours and sacred geometries, you cannot ignore these feelings for as this one knows feelings are divine guidance, just as passion is your divine guidance and we ask you to bring yourselves to The Temple of Light and Sound and place yourselves in the centre, in the centre of The Temple of Light and Sound is a sacred circle and in this circle you can ask for the sacred geometries and for all the colours and all the light and all the sounds that your entire body structure needs for healing and you ask for this in this sacred circle and it will come.  

You do not necessarily have to see or hear or feel as you place yourselves in this sacred circle and request the healing- it will come.  It is a place where you can meditate, re align and centre yourself, for this is important now on this planet earth, it is important that you align, centre and balance yourselves and not only that it is important that you ground yourselves and connect to the heart of mother earth. Take this connection to the heart of mother earth and feel the love of the divine feminine and as you bring into your heart energy from the sky, this is the divine masculine, the two blend in perfect harmony and balance so you bring into yourselves the divine structure of balance.  It is entirely necessary in the new energy on planet earth.  It is no use walking around entirely only connected only to the sky and you forget to connect yourselves and ground yourselves to the heart of mother earth.  So beloved ones know that there is much happening in the higher dimensions, for we can see this all.  The earth is going to a place called NEW EARTH and the great awakening that will occur after the fall of the Bush regime will be a wonderful event. 

We advise you to take each day as it comes, and centre and balance and align yourselves, bring into yourselves the love, peace, joy and harmony that you deserve in this life and on this planet earth.  You are all divine masters of light and you all deserve your hearts desire.  Your hearts desire beloved ones or your passion will guide you to your next steps and your next steps and your next steps. 

And it is totally up to you whether you take this divine guidance or not.  So we greet you from this realm The City of Light Andromeda and we leave you to love, peace, joy and harmony for yourselves. 

This is Ascended Master Abu Myra.