Channelled by Liat Nava Aliya ©

Greetings Beloved one


We are The Council of Light – City of Light Andromeda 

This is Ascended Master Abu Myra at your service

Discord is at it highest on planet earth as people struggle to come to terms with the differences in energy vibrations at present.  This was to be expected as negative energies though unseen with the naked eye, play out in havoc as they manifest from outer layers of the human energy bodies and into the 3ed dimension.  Emotional disturbances within the psyche are being urged to be dealt with along with the ending of long past karmic cycles and attachments. Many still hang onto these energetic ties and do not realise that they can be released from them.   

The energies of NEW began on 01-01-2008 and are guiding you clearly onto your new pathways.  As your lives unfold in the manifestation process, you are being urged to test new waters.  This is new for so many of you and your efforts are applauded.  As others are touched by your energy and light, it urges them in new directions.  Mankind’s greatest enemy is often complacency, which you are a part of this and must accept responsibility of the no-action, just as you are responsible for your direct actions.  Complacency is guided by fear of action and consequences, it represents a lower vibration of thought pattern.  As the vibration of earth has increased so too have your own and complacency has been recognised and discarded.

To make an analogy of the vibrations of governments as an entity where complacency is a tool of planned obstruction, the outcomes are severe and neglect of mankind in grand proportions has taken place in these lower vibrations.  As many changes take place on earth this will be replaced with COMPASSION.  As consciousness rises, the old ways are left behind and no longer accepted.  It is wise to question, to debate on a healthy level and make those in responsible positions answer to the immense suffering taking place on a grand way.  The media assists and too must answer for the inaccuracy and fear generated to the public. 

The new cycle brings with it the beginnings of so many changes and new directions that you may have thought never possible.  The truth is that on a very real and 3rd dimensional level there is much work to be done.  The physical effects of pollution on this planet will take is toll and it will take a great deal of responsibility on the part of both humankind and the institutions calling themselves the protector of people. They have neither protected nor respected humankind, nor the environment, making economic gain the mainstay.  So many human beings are awakening to the degradation and wish to assist the earth now.  The powerlessness felt by so many at this daunting task will see many of you gathering together to see what can be done.  The cycle of NEW not only begins with your own lives, but as realisation that you are able to complete and assist in this, more of you will want to do this.

This is a message of hope and an urge to begin formulating actions in place of turning a blind eye.  It begins with the work on yourself and where you turn a blind eye to your own inner work. So many are searching for answers to problems, but it is within that the quest begins.  The honesty in dealing with the harshest emotion takes courage, not only in asking for guidance through mediation, but also in the action required to heal yourself.  It is sometimes only with the greatest change in life that these circumstances are brought about, but always by you.  You are urged on levels that are not seen but felt by you on these unseen levels.  They are your K A R M A to be worked through and completed, they are simply the aftermath of your own actions to face through many and many lifetimes.  As veils life and dimension gateways open, they give to you opportunity to go forward in life and take actions deemed by you to be beneficial as long as this is accompanied by intent for the highest good and for the intent for you TO REACH YOUR HIGHEST POTENTIAL.  Goals of peace, harmony and wonderful synchronous actions begin to come forward as you realise that your humaneness is just an expression of the spirit you are within.  You are able to reach the highest potentials when you begin the have a clear connection with your own spirit, for this connection is the connection to the UNIVERSAL ALL IS ONE ELOHIM.  From where stems the harmonious vibrations of all. 

All humans have the choice of expressing this incredible light of expression, there is no exclusion, nor segregated group of human beings chosen to do this.  

We are the Council of Light, City of Light Andromeda.