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This does not require you to be spiritually advanced in any way. Anyone can create a sacred space.  You may even wish to create more than one, this depends on you. 

A sacred space is a space that you create for yourself to enable you to meditate
and to be at peace with yourself and to take yourself there anytime you need.

This sacred space can be used to communicate with your guides, angels or higher self.  It is a space where you can feel safe and loved.  It is a space where you can ask your higher self, guides and angels to join you.  They will be delighted to do so. 

Ground yourself by bringing in golden prana from the sky and into your heart. Bring in golden prana from the heart of mother earth and into your heart, take this prana and send it back to the heart of mother earth and again from your heart to the sky.

Surround yourself with a bubble of light.   Ask your guides to help you visualise a beautiful place, this will be the first thing that comes to mind and can be a forest or a waterfall or any beautiful place.  Visualise what the trees will look like, use your imagination, what flowers are there under the trees, is there a stream or river nearby, does the sun stream through the trees.  You can build on this and add anything you like that you feel comfortable with like benches, plants, animals, flowers, birds, butterflies, this is your space for you to create so have fun creating it.  Make it inviting and peaceful for yourself.

Fill it with light.  Feel free to change it, play with it, have fun with it. 

Then visualise yourself in the forest or place you created and take the time to just be there.  Allow yourself to be a part of this sacred space and enjoy it.  You may wish to ask your higher self, angels and guides to join you - it’s all up to you.  You have just created a 5th dimensional space for yourself.

Anytime you need you can instantly take yourself there and feel the love and peace.  You may want to communicate with your higher self, angels and guides, ask them questions. Even if you can’t hear the answer, you may feel or see.  

It would be useful to write down anything you feel see or hear in this space.