Channelledby Liat Nava Aliya ©


Greetings dear one

Crystal Chambers of Healing 

Today we wish to elaborate on the chamber of healing within the city of light Andromeda.  Within this chamber of healing are many vibrations of colour and sound.  These are for your use now and for you to access anytime you wish.

The cities of light are places where healing takes place of a 5th and 6th and higher dimensional healing.  In the many chambers of healing of which there are un countable as are the crystals used in each chamber.  Also not in your consciousness to even comprehend that the healing is done by you at your request. 

Simply intend to enter the city of light and intend to enter a chamber of healingand it is done.  You will find yourself on a crystal bed surrounded by your master guides of healing.

It is there that you may request any healing you need or ask your higher self for guidance on the healing needed in any of your bodies-  mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. It is at your request that the healing needed will take place. 

So enter the city of light with intent and find yourself in one of the chambers.  We ask you to simply relax and enjoy the healing that takes place.  You may see many crystals placed above your body of different colours. These vibrate at the frequency needed for your specific healing.  Crystals are an integral part of mother earths creations and all carry what you would call storage capacity of frequencies.  This is not yet fully understood in the earthly dimensions but will as time goes by become a major player in the healing process for as you know the charka system responds to the crystal in the way of frequency tuning and balancing.  Crystals are absorbers and transmitters of vibration and on this vibration is carried information for healing.  So the colour of the crystal carries a vibration and vibration is tool used for healing. 

It is not necessary to go through any visualization process by coming, but merely to place yourself in a chamber and request that your healing begin. 

And so it will be 

We are the elders of the Council of light

City of Light-Andromeda