Channelled by Liat Nava Aliya ©

Greetings dear one,


Depression, disconnection, abandonment, fear and the illusion. 

Today we wish to speak of the inner child that resides in your hearts.

The inner child is a creation that feels all that you feel.  Unless you recognise and acknowledge the emotions that reside in your heart and learn to work with them and release them. The inner child will constantly play out in your lives, bringing to you face to face every day lessons.  So if anger is always present within you, or fear, or disconnection or abandonment, or feeling alone and lost, this is a message to you from you to work with the inner child that resides in your heart. 

Now as the earth vibrations are raising, so are yours in synchronicity. Many on the planet will be feeling the inner pains not healed and hidden from many many lifetimes and this current one. When you incarnate into a body on planet earth, the earth is very dense and you will feel cut off and disconnected from source of ALL IS ONE.

This creates an inner child hidden deep within that projects out in your life with these exact issues.  It is time  now to look deep within your hearts and connect with your inner child that resides there. You all have these deep inner children with these feelings. 

Please understand that the set up on earth is all an illusion for higher learning so it is very necessary that you release the illusion and replace the deep inner hurts of your inner child with LOVE.  There is no separation between you and the ALL IS ONE.  You are eternally connected through your hearts to the GREAT ALL IS ONE for you are the ALL IS ONE and the illusion set up on earth created all the fear, disconnection, abandonment and loneliness. It is time dear ones to put an end to illusion, pain and suffering and embrace the beauty and magnificence of who you all really are. 

Place yourself in a golden shaft of light extending from the father sky through you and through your feet and deep into the heart of mother earth. Breathe in this beautiful golden light from the heart of mother earths heart back through your feet and up into father sky rejuvenating your being.

Go within your heart and connect with your inner child.  Visualise your inner child and in what state your inner child is, the first thought that comes to you is the one you need to work with.  Surround your inner child with the same shaft of golden light and speak to your inner child.

Explain that what the inner child is feeling is an illusion and that your inner child can now release the feelings of pain, fear, abandonment and loneliness.

Send your inner child love from your heart, request that Sananda, your angels Mother Mary or any other you feel comfortable with send love to your inner child.  Visualise the negativity being removed in a beautiful shaft of purple Flame light from St Germaine and as these negative emotions are released request that they be replaced with new ones of unconditional love. 

It is time dear ones, beloved humans on planet earth to start playing and recognising who you are and living a beautiful life that is deserving. We suggest that you spend time in nature re-connecting yourself to the energies of nature. 

We end this channelling with asking you to connect your heart to mother earths heart with love and feel the connection within yourselves and keep this connection open. 

We leave you with love and endless joy at where you are. 

We are the elders of the city of light- Andromeda