The Dolphins of The Blue Ray 

This meditation is about RE-CONNECTION of your INNER CHILD to the Dolphins of The Blue Ray. 

Surround yourself in a bubble of white light and call in your master guides and higher self.  Imagine a large NEON blue pyramid with a circle that fits in it and inside this circle a star tetrahedron.  Bring this pyramid structure around you so that you are encompassed in it.  Above the point of this pyramid place another star tetrahedron in a circle and one to the west, east and south. 

Using Prana breathe in prana from the heart of mother earth and through your earth star chakra and into your heart and breathe in prana from father sky and through your crown star chakra into your heart and let the energies blend in perfect harmony.  Then take this energy and connect to the heart of mother earth’s heart from your heart and again from your heart connect to the heart of father sky. 

Now connect your heart to the heart of the Dolphins of The Blue Ray.  Thank the Dolphins and mother earth, father sky and honour yourselves for being here. 

Look into your heart space and find and connect with your inner child to the energy of the Dolphins of The Blue Ray.  Let your inner child feel this beautiful energy of truth, balance, perfect harmony, sound and vibration.  Allow these energies to completely energize, heal and balance not only the physical body, but also the mental, emotional, etheric, light body and merkaba. 

Allow yourself to be this vibration and request that you always carry it wherever you go.

By Liat Nava Aliya ©