Channelled by Liat Nava Aliya ©

Greetings dear one


We are the elders of the city of light- Andromeda 

Droplet of Silver Light 

We come to you and surround you with light and love on this evening. 

We wish to share with you the droplet of silver light.  

Imagine a huge droplet of silver light extending from the heavens to the ground.  Step into this droplet of silver light and let it surround you.  As you step into this droplet of silver light, let this silver light permeate through every cell in your body.  Within this droplet of silver light begin to dream your dreams, connect with your dreams through your heart.  Let them smile at you, let the love and the silver light flow through you and all around you.

Imagine that the top of the silver droplet opens up and your dreams filled with love flow out into the universe and return to you in the same love that it flowed out. 

Use the droplet of silver light anytime you wish. 

Go well

In love and light

City of Light-Andromeda