Channelled by Liat Nava Aliya ©

Greetings beloved ones


The Collective Voice of the Elemental Realm 

We introduce ourselves as the Mermaids, a part of the Elemental and Deavic Realm.  We work with Mother Gaia in her path.  This connection is for us joy to behold, for many many eons our presence went largely unnoticed and hidden away in your folklore.  We wish to tell you that through this folklore the many that did have vision of us told tales that still hold today. 

The elemental realm is of no less importance than any other and we work hand in hand with the company of heaven to assist earth.  We also extend our hand at connection with you, for it is part and parcel of The New Earth.  You are being guided to go deep within your hearts, to clear your energy fields, and work with your mental, emotional bodies to aid you on your ascension. 

It is for you to connect with us, for we are an integral part of nature in all its forms.  As you stand next to a tree, connect with the tree spirit that resides there, or as you swim in the ocean, connect with us.  For too long the elemental realm has watched the destruction of a beautiful planet to the ways of darkness and abuse.  The closed heart of the human beings shuts out all light, thereby shutting out the connections to ALL.  We are a part of The All is One and have aided you lovingly at each step.  For all that has been felt on this planet is felt in essence by you at a very deep level.  As you look into another’s eyes, you look at yourselves.  

The waters and this planet are of no less importance than the physical earth. And the grids that align the waters, also align with the physical earth and The New Earth.  As earth ascends, so do we with her.  Fear has been the factor that has blocked your connection to this Divineness of Being, including this realm.  Children are able to see us, for they have no pre-conception and ingrained learning of separation.  They play with us in their gardens and speak to us with no desire of anything but the moment.  It has been the systems of education that have discounted all that is in every facet of this system.  The children are aware of this and do not enjoy the linearity of the instructions they receive, for they know on a deeper level that what is being taught is not the truth. This will change on New Earth, for the lessons will be not of the current nature.   

We invite you all connect with us, for it is with this connection that will aid you in opening your hearts further.  This in turn will create a deep love of this planet and a turn around in environmental abuse.  We are ecstatic at the coming events, our hearts leap for joy. 

We are the collective voice of The Elemental Realm.