Channelled by Liat Nava Aliya  ©

Greetings beloved one


We are the Elders of the Council of Light- City of Light- Andromeda.
This is Ascended Master Abu Myra at your service.

Today we channel you on the Emotional Release Chambers 

Within the Cities of Light are prepared for humanity apart from the crystal healing chambers of light and sound the Emotional Release Chambers.

These chambers facilitate and aid the emotional stress release needed now for the coming months and until ascension of earth occurs.  The healers and facilitators on the planet earth are going to be extremely busy especially after First Contact as the human population awakens to who they really are and the realization of the lies and deception that clouded humanity for eons will almost overnight be gone.  It will be a time of great assistance both on and off the planet as you form communities and begin to learn to aid one another and discover the passions for living as truly the galactic human being that you all are.

The emotional release needed is very prevalent even around you at this very time.  Many in the human population are emotionally stressed and do not even realise this.  Denial of this aspect further aggravates.  For the many of you that are awake, it will be necessary to not take part in the dramas that now unfold in your own lives and it is better to walk the path of peace and harmony.  This will resonate out to others who will feel this around you.  As you radiate this, you are able to take in more and more light.  Any emotional processing that needs doing is instantly taken care of. 

Our Cities of Light are fully prepared and waiting in joyful anticipation of the first contact that will be soon.  Our chambers of healing are many and uncountable, our assistance is graciously and joyfully given. 

We give you today the Emotional Healing Chambers. 

Request to be brought to the nearest City of Light and stand in the Temple of Light and Sound.  Within the centre of this Temple is a sacred circle.  Place yourselves in this sacred circle and request that the frequencies of light, colour sound that you need as well as the sacred geometry you need bathe you.  Then one of the Ascended Masters will take you to the Emotional Healing Chambers where you can heal your emotions by request.  This includes not only your physical body, but your mental, emotional, light and MerKaBa.  It is not necessary to be able to see what we are doing, nor hear the sacred sounds that are just for you.  Your higher self will accept the healing process and together with the Ascended Masters of healing will give to you the release that you need to aid you in the final healing process on planet earth. 

Stay with us as long as you desire, request these chambers of healing as you sleep at night.  Along with the Crystal Chambers of Healing provide you with the tools for ascension and working with your energy structure.  For even though you cannot see your mental, emotional, light and MerKaBa we advise that there has been much damage to these energetic structures over your many lifetimes, not all of them on planet earth.  These need to be brought into alignment with the frequencies that now are ascending every moment of every day.

We leave you in joyful anticipation and we see the days that we walk among you.


This is Ascended Master Abu Myra from the City of Light Andromeda.