Free energy devices 

By Liat Nava Aliya


We are coming to the era of free energy much to the horror of the current governing systems around the planet.  They have in the past hid, shelved, bought, destroyed, abused much of this information.  But as more of us awaken to our divine selves and who we really are, this information will become common place.  Also with the advent of FIRST CONTACT, much new technology will come into being.  As the governing systems around the world crumble with FIRST CONTACT and the hold that they have over humanity via the MEDIA is no longer a means of control and fear, we can begin to restore mother earth to her pristine glory.  This includes free energy for all that is clean and not used as a lack or greed consciousness tool.  Our current energy usage is heading for a crisis and is unacceptable.  All our governments are aware of this.  They are also aware of the oil crisis and are keeping this information hidden to avoid panic and to grab as much money as they can for the little time they have left. 

There are many that have brought through free energy devices, I am one of them.  After I walked in I channelled a math equation along with a technical drawing.  I never did math or science or have any technical education.  And this is perfect because if I did or had, I probably would have allowed the mind to get in the way.  So when the timing is right, these equations and drawings will be made available. 

With these free energy devices we will all have access to a perfect source of energy that is FREE and available to all who will be residing on this planet.

It is our GOD given right to this form of energy.  However as humanity awakens to their divineness, much of the planetary abuse will stop.  For no human being with an open heart can bear abuse of any kind either towards another nor towards the planet. 

Mother Earth has made herself available for the abuse of mankind since the advent of The Industrialization Era that has taken place on the planet.  These industries have for eons ignored the calls of the higher dimensions and warnings to operate on clean energy.  This energy was made available more than 50 years ago, but due to the greed of many current governments and business set ups and systems, they have hand in hand with the ILLUMINATI (the dark) hidden much of this wonderful technology by shelving it.  Just as they have tried to keep humanity in the dark for as long as possible on the truth of your DIVINITY and awakening. 

This is no longer possible.  With an awakening humanity, nothing is hidden from an awakened human being.  Awakened human beings stand in their power and sovereignty and operate out of an open heart.  Abuse is then no longer tolerated nor possible.  With the advent of First Contact, many new and wonderful technologies come to the fore, not only to clean up this planet and the pollution, but also with the healing available.  This is a gift given to us from our galactic brothers and sisters.    

Clean energy and technology will create communities that no longer need to be dependant on previous system set ups that keep them in lack and in constant need.  I refer specifically to the underprivileged masses on our planet that are in dire need of this assistance and technology.  Access to this will in turn create peaceful communities that live in harmony with clean energy and access to healing that is not controlled by the ILLUMINATI. 

The giant corporations around the planet have raped this earth and polluted it almost beyond repair had The Galactic Federation and higher dimensions not stepped in.  This includes all the NUCLEAR activity on the planet that is not reported in the news.  Mother earth will not allow, nor will the higher dimensions, this kind of activity is halted much to their frustration. 

Mother Earth needs cleaning up and the technology needed is coming. 

In great anticipation of this for our beloved MOTHER EARTH. Humanity has forgotten that they deserve a pristine planet and abundance and health and longevity and the joy, peace, harmony and love and all that is unconditional love.  Which is you.

Liat Nava Aliya