Channelled by Liat Nava Aliya©

Greetings beloved one 

We are the elders of the council of light – Andromeda- City of Light 

We surround you with vast quantities of love and golden light at this time.

At this time on earth is a golden time, a time of rejoice, a time of light and love for we on the dimension of love see the earth in its light of splendour.

One which you all have created and made possible for ascension. 

We channel you today on the anchoring of the Golden Ray Of Light. 

This ray is the ray of golden love of connection to the SOURCE and is available to all of you who read this channel and will be able to anchor this ray of Golden Light within yourselves.  This further raises your vibration of love to the vibration of the Golden Ray Of Light.  This is the highest vibration of light and has become available now for the earth is now receiving enough light and you are now able to carry this vibration. A few linear years ago this was not possible.  And so it is the reason we rejoice from where we are, for you all, and those reading this will be ascending with the planet. 

As you know this is the 7th golden era and hence the Golden Ray Of Light becomes available.  This ray was not experienced for very long in Atlantis. As consciousness fell this rays vibration was not felt and was not accessible. 

This ray is pure unconditional love represented by the colour Gold.  Gold in your dimension represents purity.  In the Chinese culture it is prosperity. The Incas and Mayans had a fascination for Gold and recognised the value in its purity.  Your monetary systems of the future on earth will too change to Gold.  Its symbology is synchronitious with puritanical physics. 

It is also no co-incidence that Prana or pure life-force energy is Golden and when this Golden Ray Of Light is infused within your physical and etherical Body, light body, merkaba, it infuses life force energy within all these structures creating healing, love and CONNECTION.  This is why pranic meditation leaves one with a feeling of absolute wellbeing. 

So we advise you to utilize the Golden Ray Of Light to create for yourselves this healing energy.  


Surround yourself with an energy field of white light.  Call in your higher self to assist you.  If you so choose request the presence of the Angels of the Golden Ray, the Ascended Masters of The Golden Ray. 

Imagine a golden tube running the length of your spine and straight into the earth to mother earth’s heart.  Imagine the golden tube of light extending from your spine and into the sky.  Bring in the Golden Ray Of Light from the sky and into your golden tube.  Expand this light within until you are the golden light itself.  Breathe in Golden Ray Of Light from the heart of mother earth and up through to the sky expanding this Golden Light until the Golden light from below and from above are fully merged within you and extending out of you and request that no part of your body or lightbody or etheric body is left out. 

Do this often and it will energize you on all levels. 

We leave you with love on the Golden Ray Of Light. 

In Joy and celebration 

We are the Elders of the Council of Light- City of Light - Andromeda