Humankind’s greatest deviation is complacency AND failure to ACT.

Written by Liat Nava Aliya ©


Failure to act either through will or lack or circumstance is one of humanities greatest challenge this century.  Failure to follow through thoughts to action is where people do not understand their own greatness and connection to the universal power, and failure to achieve their greatest potentials. Potentials we often cannot see, but those which spirit can.  You will find those that have activated their highest potentials, and are working as a spirit within a human body aware of the cosmic universal one and aware that they are within a universal mind of truths and knowledge, you will find exceptional human beings.  Not ones powered by ego and greed, but the ones genuinely come here to lead and share knowledge long since hidden in the secret societies of male dominated worlds of religion.

We so often do not want to herald in change because of the discomfort it places us in, but where we fail to act and we look back on our lives, is where regret creeps in, the sadness at losing a potential.  It is best then to realise that in order to reach our fullest potential as individuals we cannot be complacent and lazy.  We are here to work through the final phase of this civilization which according to New Agers ends in 2012.  Sorry to burst another bubble.  We are going nowhere on this day.  We have come to work through the final phase, beginning almost at the turn of this century in 2000.

2012 is merely the Mayan marker for the ending of their calendar and it also co-incides with the New Era for Peace to the end of this era.  This I believe will be attainable as soon as the governments on this planet move from dictatorship to real integrity.  Male dominated leadership whose motivation is power, greed, destabilization of global economies, lack and hell bent on destruction.  Where their power is at present, will only be destroyed when they have gone to war and destroyed themselves and possibly humankind along with it.  Their actions speak for themselves.  Along with this you have humankind’s greatest enemy- complacency.  Complacent people never reaching out to educate themselves, work on themselves, just working in a dead end job, watching TV, and the regular stuff that goes with suburban life. They never speak out against injustices and do not take any action to disturb their small world. All wanting the same thing-A CONNECTION TO THE HIGHEST PRESENCE- and not knowing how- but at the same time enveloped in apathy and self pity or maybe just a rut. Never wanting to create a better environment for themselves nor for anyone else around them.  They ache to see an angel, or have an experience that will change the veil they don’t know is there, nor how to lift it. 

Lifting any veil takes serious work and responsibility.  It involves having knowledge of the key to lift them and begin working with the information behind these veils with the intention of only doing the work for the highest good.

It takes safety precautions not taught in New Age philosophy for yourself, so that you do not find yourself compromised with negative and darker energies that are abound on this planet especially at this time.

Humankind has the limiting view that he is only human.  We are not.  We are spirit in a human body. Teachings given to humanity over the centuries all teach the same thing.  Many of these teachings are available, many are hidden, but there are enough teachers on this planet who are indeed imparting the truth out there and there are many that are not.  Many are so connected to the darker astral planes, their victims, the complacent and sometimes innocent person looking for change and wanting to find truth.

Good advice is to look first at your own motives for being there.  Good intuitions about your own gut feeling of right and wrong, total honesty and of course you can use DOWSING RODS.  (Pendulums are corrupted very easily) but the old fashioned dowsing rods are really good at fishing out the vibration of the places you are frequenting.  If you know how to use them, I suggest this a really good place to start for questions where you are not able to use your psychic eyes, ears and clairsentient feelings or where you have doubt.

You are always being guided to act on your intuition, this is something that guides you well, but complacency and fear often accompany the action to be carried out. There is an enormous amount of work to be done on this planet to rectify the lack and needs of humanities societies.  The western worlds are by far tumbling into the arena of the destruction of humankind.  It is the people of the western worlds that are destroying and have promoted dictatorships by their actions alone.  Under the guise of “Terrorism” they ply their war.  But as all things, it must end and fall they will, be it after a 3rd or 4th world war.  New Age theories suggest that exactly in December 2012 we will have peace by immediate ASCENSION.  Really? I see an age where hard work of many dedicated human beings that are dedicated to action and work.  It is they who will bring about the change in humankind. Only then and only after the wars have ended and governments begin to act in humankind’s highest interest, will the possibility of peace exist.  It begins with the individual who is no longer prepared to accept complacency and laziness as part of their lives.

Should we cross over to the other side and accomplished only that you had a very nice life, never hurting anyone, finishing high school, maybe studying, then marrying and having children and having a nice life- ok never hurting anyone, but then again, never helping anyone either, nor at the same time reaching their full potentials.  This is complacency in its highest form, plain laziness.  It will be for you an immediate trip back to earth (and it’s not really a nice place) to work through another lifetime again until the light bulb goes on. Failure to act for the individual means missed opportunities for wonderful attainments and achievements on so many levels.  But too many times its just going to take too much hard WORK!!!!!!!!!.  So the nice life takes over.

We have come not only to work- and I really mean WORK- and hard at your issues, life, lessons, emotions and K A R M A.  New Agers have a nasty way of thinking that an implant taken can waive your karma like “get out of jail free” card.  OH NO!! THERE IS NO getting out of the karma you have earned all by yourself.  There is truth written in ancient teachings and THAT DOES NOT CHANGE.

We are here to assist each other in humanitarian ways, to put in place and carry out ACTIONS to begin the Era for Peace where the GREATEST SPIRITUAL ACHIEVEMENTS will come through humankind AND IN THIS ERA. Again it can only begin with each individual and the keys that are available for all with the light that each human carries and is, NO MASTER NECESSARY except you and the already there connection to the UNIVERSAL ALL POWERFUL ELOHIM. 

Baruch HaShem