Written by Liat Nava Aliya ©

One of the things that I worked through after I walked in was the
anger at the illusional set up on planet earth.  I questioned why the illusion and the pain.  The earth set up for 3rd dimensional learning was a choice we all made for the purposes of higher learning.  For having the ability to have free will and the advantage of learning about separation.  Of course this in itself is an illusion as we are never separated from the ALL IS ONE as we are the ALL IS ONE and forever connected to the heart of ALL IS ONE.

The idea of a heaven somewhere up in the sky separate from you is another illusion.  All systems like financial, legal, education etc etc is an illusional set up for control.  Control to keep you in the game of illusion.  I have noticed how school sends out their notices to parents with undertones of control and fear based threats. The more awake you become, the more you see through these illusions and are able to disconnect from them.  The more of you that disconnect from these systems as you recognise them, the more it will have no affect on you, the less you are being manipulated. 

Another thing is that the children are awake and can see through the integrity of their teachers, so the children are labelled ADD ADHD ADDDHD.  The children know the system is not working, so they act it out to show that something is wrong.  It is time to wake up.  All these systems are beginning to crumble and fall as the new earth emerges.  We will have to begin co-creating for ourselves new lives in love, peace, joy and harmony, or you will not be able to stay on this planet.  You have to raise your vibration and the time for doing this is NOW.  It is time to begin disconnecting from all old world systems.  They do not serve us anymore. Make peace with it and release it.  

So sorry to burst your bubble, but everything is an illusion from the family set ups, relationships, finance, education, law.  The entire earth set up was for learning the game of separation, fear, anger, pain, depression, disconnection, control, lack, poverty, consciousness, negativity, duality, darkness.  

We are going back to source now where on the new earth there is NO ILLUSION.  Once you recognise who and what you are – divine beautiful magnificent beings of love and light – and you have worked through releasing your karma and brought back to wholeness your lost parts and fragments, worked on your inner child. You can begin to manifest the beauty in our lives, feel the unconditional bliss and joy in our hearts at the recognition that we never were separated from ALL IS ONE in the first place.  

You can begin to centre your thoughts around love, what I found extremely energising at any given time is to use the pranic breath.  It not only energises you on the physical level but also energises the chakra system and the lightbody. (please see my meditation on Pranic breathing in the meditation section). 

Love to you all

Liat Nava Aliya