The Incredible Greatness of Being


Liat Nava Aliya © 

This article is written from my higher self. 

Many of you are wondering on this planet earth with thoughts of what it is you should be doing, and, “should I not be doing something more, and grander and greater than what it is I am at present” Dear ones, there is no such thing as the demeaning of where you are, for where you are is indeed Grand just as it is.  

I have watched humanity since I walked in, I have observed human beings on this planet in poverty and in wealth, of all nationalities and states of being. I found the one thread of similarity between all.  That you are all great, grand galactic beings of light having an incredible experience here at present.  It would seem at a glance that this is not so because of all the drama and the busy lives many lead including myself. I long for the freedom of the universe at blink of an eye, freedom to travel to any star system or galaxy, with no passport required.  THANK YOU.  I long for the truthful honest telepathic communications I have with the higher dimensions, to be available to all humanity in all that is done and said.  This eliminates untruth and hides nothing.  Your intent is there for all to read, hear all at once.  I long for the illusion of separation to end so I can again merge on a higher level with Completeness of one.  I long to walk the shores of New Earth (and I do) and feel the freedom of a new creation and swim with the Dolphins and play with my Twin Flame. 

It would seem at a glance that what you are doing is nothing.  But you are wrong, it is everything, especially to you, and that is all that matters.   Is not to worry about what your neighbour is doing, or is he doing it better and grander than you.  This is duality presenting itself.  Each of you is a gift to this earth and universe just by being here and experiencing the experience.

That is all that matters.  How you do this on the way is really up to you. How you play and work and live is also up to you.  Do you recognise what is wrong? With all the system set ups?  Your belief systems about everything that is negative and that have fostered separation have no place here on New Earth.  The Incredible Greatness of Being is about to take place.  Nothing can remain unless it is based in unconditional love. The recognition of just how grand and great you all are.  And it takes place from within. A complete metamorphosis. 

We are in The Great Shift at present- The Great Awakening- First Contact and a complete collapse of all current systems on planet earth.  Those who try and force the old systems into being will be left at the roadside wondering how they missed the bus and where has everyone gone.  I have asked many why they think it’s fair to have passport, or identity number, tax number, birth certificate number.  Oh- we are much grander than that, a soul name has no passport expect the language of light that it is spoken in- LOVE.  Again, when you finally remember who you really are, what your soulname is and where you have come from, old earth will seem like such a long time ago and a place that you and I have played on for this Grand Experiment.  It feels now that it is not so grand, infact I feel its really horrible, I can’t really understand how humanity could be so duped for so long into believing they were anything less than the Grandest Light Beings, more beautiful than  could be imagined.  Let go the self worth issues, they no longer serve.  Its time to look one another in the eye and see who the other really is.  YOU and ALL is ONE.

Incredible really.  I look at humans struggling everyday in the systems of separation, within themselves, on this planet and admire and honour the courage to come here at this time.  Beloved brothers and sisters of planet earth you deserve the New Earth in all its Incredibility and wonderment. 

Your time is honoured here and it is treasured.  It is written forever in the history of life and in The Great Halls of Records of this time that you have had here on Planet Earth.  Your experiences have for the universe created libraries of light that will be and are accessed for the learning experiences that were had here on Planet Earth.  No thing has ever been lost, no experience ever hidden, and none greater or lesser than the other.

You are honoured for your times and time here.  You are so loved. 

Written from the heart by
Liat Nava Aliya ©