Channelled by Liat Nava Aliya ©

Greetings dear one



Be wary of your intent as your thoughts create as soon as they are thought.  It is your intent that creates your drama, your days, your interactions with others.  As you are aware your thoughts draw towards you by the granting of the universe the manifestation of these thoughts as you thought them.  It is therefore wise to monitor your thought processes and to be mindful of the thoughts that go out to the ether. For as soon as they are released is that the universe responds to them in the form of energy.  This energy is powerful as creates back to you what you have thought. 

Therefore it is suggested strongly that you centre yourself with peace love joy and harmony for all things especially within yourself for it is within the self that these things are found and not in the material sense. 

Is it not so that the thing that you fear the most is the thing that most often happens to you?  It is the thought process that you have projected into the universe that has created the masterplan of happening in the physical realm.  So if you create beauty, love, peace and harmony, this is what will manifest in your life.  This does not excuse you from the lessons that need to be learned, but will help you disconnect from others who do not wish to create peace in their lives. 

Begin your days with thoughts of love towards yourself- we challenge you to do this and record the effects and see for yourself where it takes you. 

Stay in your peace 

Council of light-City of Light-Andromeda