Channelled by Liat Nava Aliya ©

Greetings beloved one

We are the Council of Light- City of Light Andromeda.

This is Ascended Master Abu Myra at your service. 

We channel you today onThe ending phase of karmic cycle to regeneration.

We are delighted in delivering messages once again.  Today we encourage all of you to continue these last weeks of linear timing for the year of completion 2007.  For many of you, you are in the last phases of completion within your own karmic cycle.  These will have been played out in intense emotional upheaval within your own lives and an outward projecting of these has caused some disturbances and drama in many of your lives.  As this cycle comes to a full close on 31-12-2007 we enter a new rejuvenation cycle of 2008 of great importance, most noticeably for each individual on the planet. 

So many of you have faced the duality test and not believed that a human being could be capable of any such way of being, but your history and events speak for themselves.   The element of only believing in what is seen with the physical body – your eyes- and the total denial of any kind of spiritual self along with manipulation of darker energies by humankind has brought you all to a pivotal point in mass consciousness culminating in what is taking place at this present time. 

We are urging and encouraging you to remain dedicated to the work needed now on your own emotional beings, indicating that work needs to be completed before you can successfully move forward.  Each of course, is governed by the freedom of will and expression to do this and some of you may take longer to accomplish your completion cycles.  Close communication with your guide team now is imperative as you are urged and prodded and shown.  Your contracts need a firm prodding and reminding what it is you have come to accomplish in this cycle.  There are many feeling stuck at present as you clear the way to connect more deeply with your own inner souls.  As you do this a clearer mind and wonderful clarity await those who have persevered on this journey.  

Making your steps uncluttered and simple with a “show me please” “no matter how insignificant it may feel to me”- will assist you.  Emotional upheaval almost always point to karmic issues that need attention.  As the vibration raises of your own beings, the light shining, and your DNA activating together with your senses amplifying, bring your karmic issues into your energy to be completed.  This occurs when you awaken your Akashic record and it is being accessed by you.  It presents itself in your energy field and prods you sometimes harshly that work needs to done.
The raising of your vibration can only move forward when your issue is completed.  Many are not aware that this is needed and follow a path of trying to sidestep the 3rd dimensional process of karmic completion. 

Dear ones, the completion of your cycle and issues will not miraculously disappear into the higher dimensions, for what good would this do you if that was done, for when you finally reviewed your life contracts, you would be most upset if not been allowed the opportunity to end this cycle with the work needed to complete it. 

We have channelled many times on karma this year for good reason, and this is, that it was needed to awaken in many the urge to complete your outstanding karmic issues.  There are still many who feel they have none, but this denial and lack of awareness will change as time moves forward.  The discomfort it produces will certainly activate your attention until the realization sets in of “I see now”.  Often clarity is clouded when your karmic issues come into play, and many have excessive emotional feelings that are almost unexplainable, you may have visions of things you do not understand and be drawn to at the same time to put in place acts of kindness where you would not have previously done so.  These dear ones are examples of karmic completion working in wonderful ways.  Know that you are supported with your angels and guide teams at full steam at present. 

You have chosen this time to be on earth and to make a difference, beginning with your own lives and living by example rather than by lip service.  You are seeing that the earth and the way things are run by the institutions called government and politics have not been able to produce the desired goods.  So we ask you why you would want to give your energy to any including the lesser of the two evils. We tell you why.  Fear.   But we also tell you that the karma earned by those in power are great, for the choice is that their power can be used for acts other than war and placing humanity in fear and misery and lack. 

Each step of the way you are assisted, but it is also expected of yourself that you also reach and honour your designated goals. Can you step aside and leave the dramas, can you reach out and touch the heart of another just by for once doing something different.  Humanity does not like to leave its comfort zone, this is true for many.  Emotional excesses need attention at this present time and is at an all time high on the planet.  It plays itself out in the chaos. 

Raising your vibration is not a going up into the higher dimensions, it is first grounding you, then working constantly at releasing and clearing to bring this vibration to its highest level within you first.  This will not occur if you hold onto your karmic issues, which have a heavy emotional connotations attached to them.  Look at these issues which represent all manner of negative emotions.  You will be supported by spirit in all manner as you work through them in your chosen way.  You are welcome to come to the city of light in the 6th dimension where you will be assisted with your guides if you wish for greater clarity on any issues. 

These final steps are in preparation for a new beginnings as you all work towards your goals and assisted by the company of heaven. 

We are ever present and working with you towards
The Regeneration Phase of 2008. 

This is Ascended Master Abu Myra.