Written By Liat Nava Aliya ©

Light language is the galactic language of love and light.  It carries encodements for frequency healing, activating DNA, it is used for healing any issue, for toning, meditating, aligning.

As Lianne I spoke a different light language.  As a walk-in, Liat, my light language is different. There are as many different light languages as there are light beings in the universe. Everyone has light language.  Everyone at ascension will understand this universal language of light.  When I speak this language it sounds really weird.

I have used it for healing on myself, axiotonal alignment, merkaba meditation, interdimensional travel, for emotional healing, for manifestation, for sending love to a loved one, you can send a light ball of light language. You can tone this language to your light body for activation and healing. You can tone it for any healing and energy work that needs doing on your body. And by this I mean your entire body structure of physical, emotional, mental, lightbody and MerKaBa. You can tone it to yourself for emotional healing, or for any situation in your life.  I do all the time. 

Light language in short is a carrier of codes and vibrational frequencies of the 5th dimension and that if you are an open channel and you are channelling your guides  and vibrating high enough you will be able to channel light language.  All walk-ins are able to use light language as a frequency healing tool.  Light language is not the same as  gobbledygook.  When the mind is activated in speaking gibberish, then you are not speaking light language.  There is no thought control when speaking light language- it is merely an allowance or the channelling of this language.  If the mind is making up the words, then its just plain gibberish.  When you allow the frequency to come through you and you step aside, then you are speaking light language. 

My workshops contain this element of using light language to bring in the frequencies needed for that particular workshop.  To also activate your DNA, Lightbody and for those in transition phase I will be able to do their axiotonal  alignment and MerKaBa activation and healing with the use of the frequencies that are carried in the light language I speak.  I am guided by METATRON in the use of this.  

The City of Light Andromeda is always reminding me of the use of light, colour, sound and sacred geometry and that no healing can take place with only one, and that its  no use doing healing on only the physical body, because the physical body is not where the problem is. It starts in your energetic structure, and could also be encoded in your DNA, and the physical body is the last place it manifests. So by keeping our energetic structures  clean and clear by working on ourselves, we begin to live a very healthy life by not allowing our mental, emotional, lightbody and merkaba to become damaged and bombarded by negativity.

These bodies have become damaged from the eons of lifetimes perhaps on this planet  or maybe not. You also cannot separate light colour sound and sacred geometry.  They are frequency and frequency is encoded and light language carries the encodements on a higher frequency.  Light colour sound and sacred geometry  all raise your vibration.  Light language is the gift of higher dimensional frequency healing.

All who are currently on earth right now have work to do on all their bodies.  We put locks and crystals and blocks in our MerKaBa so that we would not wake up early, so that we could continue the illusion of separation, denial, duality. This is over and it is time to clear all these blockages so that we can begin to remember who we really are.  DIVINE GALACTIC AWESOME BEINGS OF LIGHT AND LOVE MORE POWERFUL and BEAUTIFUL THAN WE CAN IMAGINE. 

I am here to connect the GRIDS and remind all of you about this connection to the higher dimensions of light. I am here to CONNECT the Cities of Light to these grids.  As I work with Andromeda I am also guided by my passion which is my divine feminine side (the SHEKANAH).  I am balanced with the ability to manifest the dreams of the natural state of the 5th dimension and bring this in to THE NEW EARTH, NEW EARTH as I know it should be.  The 3rd dimension is not my natural state - nor is it yours and I feel this deeply. So I wish to see this earth move into the 5th dimension.  The 5th DIMENSION - heaven on earth.  This is why I will be travelling to AUSTRALIA - ULURU,  eventually NEW ZEALAND and wherever else I will be grounding in the new Grids of Light to these places so that the Cities of Light can be permanently connected to THE NEW GRIDS OF LIGHT. 

I have already channelled information on the new grids of light and how to align yourselves to them.   It will be necessary to do this for all on planet earth who are going to stay on NEW EARTH.  

The use of light language as a carrier of higher dimensional frequencies is a beautiful  way to help you vibrate higher. For if you have every had light language spoken to you, you will feel the vibrations of this language even if you don’t understand what it does.

It is not necessary to understand what you are saying- only in the intention of the healing or toning with the intent will facilitate the flow of energy to the  right place in your energetic structure. 

In honour of our ascension

And in honour of NEW EARTH

And the joy in channelling LIGHT LANGUAGE for you

I am Liat Nava Aliya