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About Belinda Silbert

Belinda Silbert is a TV and radio psychic medium who has become a household name because of her television programme ("Making Contact,") and her two-year regular Monday evening slot on KFM 94.5.
Belinda is a psychic medium, medical intuitive, spiritual counsellor, healer and teacher.....but most of all, considers herself to be a mystic who wants to get ever closer to G-d.
Belinda loves bringing hope and proof of survival after death . In addition to her TV programme, she has appeared on "Three Talk" (SABC 3); "Free Spirit;" "The Fat Joe Show;" ETV "Morning Live;" and "The World News." She had her own live show at the Baxter Theatre too.
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Belinda Silbert

South African UFO and ET research website with CRiSTo LouW
 Swimming with the dolphins in Ponto Do Ouro Mozambique
 Mike Quinsey, First Contact, NESARA, Galactic Federation, Nancy Tate

  Channeled Messages by Mike Quinsey
 Sheldan Nidle, First Contact, Ashtar Command, Galactic Federation

 Many articles and channelled updates on Galactic Federation and from many
 channelled sources on our Galactic neighbours
Welcome to Galactic Friends


 Xitlalli Contreras lovely site in SPANISH
 Spiritual Radio with many interesting articles, blog spaces, live spiritual radio
 See spiritual Notebook section for all the latest channellings by many including
 Mark Stearn, Ashtar on the Road, Sheldan Nidle, Mike Quinsey etc.
 Geoffrey Hoppe and the teachings of Tobias
 The Kryon Teachings
 Collection of many interesting channellings from all over the world
 Jeleila Starr- Walk-In information about ascension and Nibiru
 Michelle Eloff channels information from various sources
 Anrita Melchizedek  DNA activations Pleiadian Light

  Aurelia Jones and Inner Earth, Adama, Telos

This Web Site is dedicated to share the consciousness of the Lemurian teachings offered to assist humanity towards personal and planetary ascension goals. It is also dedicated to assist the preparation of the eventual emergence of our Lemurian brothers and sisters of the subterranean city of Telos beneath Mount Shasta, and of other Lemurian cities of the fifth dimension, to come forward and live, once again, among us as two civilizations united as one.

Aurelia Louise Jones, Mount Shasta

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 Blue Star Heart Earth Ascension Project Mark Stearn Ireland
 Patrick Bellringer.  Phoenix Journals, Nesara, Galactic Federation

 Site Name: The Four Winds
 Site Description: A large alternative news website containing:
 1) A News and Information section of over 13,000 articles covering 136
 separate topics that is updated daily.
 2) All the published  Phoenix Journals (115) including the ten Phoenix
 Journals banned by the U.S. Courts, which contain much secret scientific
 3)  All the Unpublished Phoenix Journals (126).
 4)  Bellringer's Writings which include Hello Centrals and People of the
 Lie series.
 5) Basic NESARA information, related news and updates.

 Fourwinds, also, has a sister site ( which contains
 a complete archive of the Published Phoenix Journals, Contact Newspapers
 (1993-99) Phoenix Liberator (1991-93), and Phoenix Journals Express
 (1990-1991).  This site is, also, linked on our Homepage.
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This website presents a positive view of the future and invites visitors to consciously commit themselves to the coming dimensional shift in human consciousness. This transformation, this Great Shift to a New Age, will lead us to health and wholeness as individuals, create global peace, and sustain an ecologically healthy planet.



  El O Shearn channels
  DOORWAY ASCENSION portraits,  
  which re-weave the DNA and open 
  the Heart to the pure frequencies of
  unconditional love. These are
  which bring one into a state of