Channelled by Liat Nava Aliya ©

Greetings beloved ones


This is Ascended Master Abu Myra, welcome. 


There is much excitement in the higher realm for indeed we can see the end in sight very clearly and this end you have all brought about.

And indeed change is on the way and the excitement that you feel is indeed the excitement that we all feel.  For this earth ascension is a grand grand moment in the cosmic day.  It marks the end of a very long cycle of darkness on planet earth.  And the reason why we channel you on connection is so that you will be able to teach this to many others who come your way for it is the only way.  Love is all there is.  There will be no tolerance of any darkness in the future on this planet.  There will be no tolerance of anything other than unconditional love. 

And should you place your awareness on the 17th October we ask you to join in the consciousness and dream of the new earth.  For as you know on this day your intentions will be magnified a thousand fold.  So we urge you to be careful with your thoughts on this day and we urge you to join in the unity consciousness and the grandness of this unity consciousness for this day and place your thoughts only in the realm of unconditional love. 

This will help raise the vibration of the planet and of mother earth and will aid her in what is to come.  For indeed there are many who will come forward to help in the last remaining linear years on planet earth.  And the excitement that you feel is that we are all going to a new place of wonderment and joy, abundance, creation, love and manifestation and we know that many of you are anxious in your private lives and in your work places and we urge you to hold your intentions in the highest regards for yourself and bring in the love of the creator being into your heart, for it is this ray of creator love that you will be able to manifest from and learn to manifest from.  For when the mind gets in the way of your manifestation process this is when the manifestation does not work because the mind is connected to the lower 3 chakras, your base, your sacral and your solar plexus.  

This was the old way of manifestation.  The new way beloved ones is through your heart centre and none other.  So we urge you to make your manifestation from the heart centre of unconditional love and you will find that in grounding yourself with a permanent connection to mother earth using the PRANIC ray of light and connecting yourself permanently to the higher dimensions through your star chakra and bring this in to your crown chakra and into your heart and through deep into mother earth, and bring the connection back from mother earth through to your crown chakra and create balance, and bring in the love of the creator into your heart and use this energy to manifest from. 

 There are many teachings on manifestation on the planet and this is nothing new for all of you. You are master creators and manifestators of the universe. You are master beings of light.  It is just that you have forgotten the connection- and we leave you today in abundance of love and joy at  where the earth is going and we are with you at all times and we greet you from The City of Light- Andromeda. 

And this is Ascended Master Abu Myra.