Ground yourself and visualise a golden column of golden light extendingfrom father sky, around you to your feet so that you are standing in this column of golden light and connecting to the heart of mother earth.  Ask your higher self, guides and angels to assist you.  

You are given a pink rose bud that is closed.  Visualise that as the rosebud begins to open slowly that it is your heart opening softly and gently.  Imagine that as this rose is opening and that you are receiving love through the colour of this rose and from your higher self, guides and angels.  Any pain you may feel in this process is normal, just ask your higher self, guides and angels to help you release it. 

Continue visualising that the rosebud is opening until it is fully open.  Feel free to send love to anyone you wish and they will receive it in that instant.  You can never send or receive too much love.  When you send this love it is received asan arch of pink entering the heart.  This is unconditional love, the same love thatElohim has for all of us.

When the rose is open, look inside the rose and you will see golden light radiating from the centre of this rose and radiating through you and into you andaround you and into your aura and beyond.  So that when you visualise yourselfyou see yourself as this golden light.

Stay in this space for as long as you like and when you are ready open your eyes. 

Symbol of the heart; a soft pink rose 

Liat Nava Aliya © 2006