This meditation is done sitting or lying under a very big tree.

Trees are wonderful means of clearing negativity from you should you ask them to. 

The larger the tree the better so find places where there are large trees you can sit under.  Ground yourself and surround yourself with a bubble of white light.  What is suggested is that you lie on a blanket under a tree and close your eyes and meditate in that way. 

At the same time allow the trees to clear negativity from you.  They gladly do so on your behalf and at your request.  (You must ask them to do this for you).  You do not have to do any visualisations with this meditation merely request the trees to clear your negativity. 

When I meditate under a tree I see the trees sending down globules of light attached to stems of light from their branches- many of them swaying through my auric space and chakras and physical body, clearing and absorbing negativity which I can see as dark patches being removed. 

After your quiet time thank the trees for their part.  If you like you can enter dialogue with the tree spirit that resides in the tree.  They carry ancient wisdom and wisdom of the earth which they can dialogue with you. 

This is part of the healing process of mother earth itself and a gift for you to be able to do this.  You may also release consciously any negativity by merely placing your hand on the tree and requesting the tree to absorb it from you. 

This is also part of the ancient wisdom of the ancient ones of the earth who practiced this kind of meditation.  Treasure thisprocess.

Liat Nava Aliya © 2006