Ground yourself using the pranic ray of golden light and connecting this ray from your heart to father sky.  Then connect this ray from your heart to the heart of mother earth. Surround yourself with a bubble of light. 

Ask for your higher self, guides and angels to assist you in this process. 

Visualise yourself playing the violin and that you are playing the perfect pitch of  F making long drawn out  F sounds.

Visualise the sound going into your heart and completely releasing and healing any blockage residing in your heart.   

Visualise this blockage leaving your heart as music notes wafting into the air and out of your heart.    Ask your angels or guides to catch these notes as they are released from your heart. 

Fill your heart with the colour green and pink.  Ask your guides, angels and Sananda to fill your heart with love.  Sananda is the master to assist with blockages of the heart. 

Connect your heart to the heart of mother earth after healing this blockage. 

Note; you do not have to be able to play the violin to do this meditation, the intent alone will do the healing. 

Note for lightworkers; you will know if you have a blocked heart, you will be unable to send light, you may feel depressed because of this blockage.  This meditation will unblock your heart.