I use this meditation for my Indigo daughter who squeals in delight.  I have to share this. 

When you are putting your child to bed ask them to visualise themselves lying down on a big (ask them to choose a colour) fluffy cushion, so big they can stretch out on it. 

Ask your child to choose a surrounding like a beautiful forest, or by a beautiful waterfall with a rainbow.  Let your child choose flowers, butterflies, fairies etc.  This will be their sacred space.  Let them add to it or change it as time goes by. 

Welcome your child’s spirit guides and angels to be by their side.  Ask your child to imagine a giant ball of golden light rolling all around them cleaning their auras and chakras and physical bodies collecting negativity as you go. 

Then ask your child to throw the ball of light to their angels to take away.  You can visualise that you do this together.  Ask your child’s angels to throw buckets of love all over your child. 

Ask Archangel Michael to stand guard and protect your child permanently.