In the new energy of the new earth in the Golden Age we are beginning to connect with our soulmates.  Soulmate unions are about acceptance, self love, patience and honesty.  Your heart needs to be open and you need to have found peace about yourself within yourself.  Soulmates accept one another for who and what they are without question or judgement.

Soulmate unions are about acceptance, self love, patience and honesty. 

It is necessary to ask for guidance from your higher self, spirit guides and angels to guide in the direction needed for you for the highest good of all. 

Self love is the ultimate giving to the self and by that is meant that you are completely honest within yourself about what you are doing in all areas of your life.  Are you with the partner that you love and is that love appreciated or do you give of yourself so much and receive nothing back.  If this describes you and you are still in that relationship, then you are not being honest with yourself.  Stand back and look at yourself from an objective viewpoint and be totally honest about how you feel in your heart about where you belong.  Your heart will only be clear when you have worked through all your issues and attained a space of peace within and this includes the practice of self love. 

From self love comes walking your talk.  Do you have enough courage to love yourself enough to be able to make changes in your life that ultimately give to yourself the peace of mind and the life that you want.  If not then it is time to take a look at yourself.  Your physical condition is a good sign of the spiritual. 

If your eyes cannot focus near- what is it in your life that you cannot focus on and it will be on the things of the now happenings in your life.

If you cannot focus far- then you have no vision of your future.

If you are overweight- what is it that you are holding on to/what are you protecting yourself from.

Pain in the neck/back- what or who in your life is a pain in the neck and who are you carrying.

Pain in the heart- who in your life is causing heartbreak.

Sore feet-are you having difficulty in walking your path.

Bladder infections-who or what in your life is making you pissed off. (Pardon the pun)

Vaginal infections/irritations-look at your sexual relationships and the emotional attachments behind them.

Problems with throat infections, phlegm-what truth needs to be spoken by you.

Mouth problems-look and see how you are speaking to others.

Ears-what is it in your life that you are not listening to- (inner guidance).

Hungry-what is it in your life that you crave? True love.


Recognising a soulmate comes in many forms and if you are not ready it simply will not be seen by you.   Often meeting a soulmate causes a spiritual awakening that has its own difficulties to deal with. On a vibrational level you will feel immense connection and compatability.

CLAIRSENTIENCE- the ability to sense

A feeling of being fingerprinted or lightprinted and a feeling of knowing one another from a past life or that you know one another. 

PHYSICALLY- you will be attracted to one another with a deep magnetic attraction or wanting to merge with this person.  You will be sexually attracted to one another. 

CLAIRVOYANTLY-you need to be in close physical contact for this and this is not a planned event- it is an event based on divine timing or synchronicity such as a hug.  On a spiritual level the third eye opens fully in both of you and you scan one another for lightprinting, or light vibrational frequency matching.  If you are indeed a match then the higher selves will immediately communicate to you that it is a “perfect fit” or “future husband” or “soulmate”. You may have had visions of joining with them. 

If you are clairvoyant then you will more than likely begin a spiritual relationship with one another that is visible and rewarding.  Your soulmate may bring you roses every day, communicate to you in meditations, telepathy and feeling their energy around you in support.  The roses are to help you open the heart.  On a spiritual level it is a joy and a gift to have this communication between you. This may be difficult for you, for the third dimensional relationship is different and not on the same level of honesty and truth as the spiritual one.  It is up to you then how you wish to accept the things to come and how difficult you make it for yourself.

My advice is to stand back and request guidance, the time will come when you will connect and when you do you will know. Trust your heart on this one, it will guide you well. 

You may see a rose in a vision- look inside the rose and you may see double intertwined golden rings.  This represents a joining, a unity between two entities the meaning of which is SOUL MATES.  


To spiritually connect with your soulmate continue to the meditation.

Surround yourself with light, close your eyes and ground yourself. 

Ask your higher self and guides and angels to guide you. Take yourself to the sacred heart space (see meditation of the sacred heart space). The sacred heart space of the soulmates is divided in two, half yours and half his.  This will give you clear indication of where you are at any particular time, and will give you much needed advice and comfort when needed. 

Imagine yourself at the lake in the sacred heart space.  You are standing in the gazebo of white light, this gazebo is in the middle.  You will see that there are two halves to the picture.

 Ask you soulmate to meet you there and connect with you.  If you cannot see anything do not worry.  The intent to connect is what is needed. Dialogue with your soulmate.  Send and receive love to one another in this sacred space.

 If you cannot see, then just set the intent to feel the love.  Tell your soulmate anything you wish, for this is a precious connection time and it is honoured by both of you. 

You may wish to give or receive something from one another.  It could be a symbol or a word or a feeling.  Stay here as long as you like.

Write this down as soon as you have finished the meditation so you do not forget. 

Meaning of symbols and visions;

Roses-opening the heart

Double intertwined golden rings-that you are soulmates

Keys-joining and opening the heart

Bunches of flowers-are a symbol of beauty for you

If he gives you a baby-there may be the gift of a child from this union

Sheet of water dividing the heart space-you are not ready for joining the heart continue working on the heart.

One side of the heart space either yours or his lighter or darker than yours-if you see that
soulmate is in a dark space, or there is wind about him, or a tornado, or storm this is an indication of where he/she is at that time in their lives.  It will put you in that persons space if you hang around them.  If there is only light, then there is only light and you will feel this.
I am clairvoyant so I see where you are at any given time.

Note on grounding;

Grounding makes you a clearer conduit for receiving information from your guides and higher self.  It helps clear communication in clairaudience, clairsentience and clairvoyance.  So ground yourself whenever you think about it. 

Liat Nava Aliya © 2006