Ground yourself and surround yourself with a bubble of white light, close your eyes.  

Imagine yourself standing on the edge of a beautiful pink lake.  This lake is pink in colour and in the centre of this lake radiates a giant multifaceted rose quartz radiating rose pink colour everywhere through the water and into the air and through you. 

You are surrounded by beautiful mountains and trees.  As you stand on the edge of this lake, know that this is your heart space.  On the shore of this lake is a gazebo of light that you may stand in.  Call in your higher self, angels, personal spirit guides and Sananda (or anyone else you feel comfortable with). 

Enter into dialogue with your higher self and guides.  It is from your heart space that you can truly manifest your dreams so speak your dreams.  Allow your higher self, guides, Sananda to give you any words of advice, if you cannot hear them then just allow yourself to feel the answer or they may show you a symbol.  Take as long as you like.  Ask any questions you may have.  There will always be an answer. 

Thank them for this dialogue for they will be delighted to join you in this space and will only do so on your invitation for this is your sacred heart space. 

Write down any words or symbols they may give you.  When you are ready come back and ground and centre yourself. 

Liat Nava Aliya  © 2006