On October the 17th in the morning as I sat at my computer I travelled to the 5th dimension and Metatron came to me and told me he had something to show me.  He took me to a place of pristine beauty, the colours bright and magnificent.  The trees large and deep green. The pathways were crystal. I was surrounded by ethereal Dolphins.  I was also on the most beautiful beach where the sun setting was catching on the water.  There were Dolphins swimming in the ocean.  A friend I know on earth was standing on the beach.  We swam with the Dolphins. As the sun was setting so another was rising.  I was shown the peace, love, joy and harmony, beauty and a planet called NEW EARTH was a place with no darkness. 

My interdimensional travels are all in a conscious state and I am of full awareness of the details.  This is a wonderful gift and I am thankful for it. 

The work done on the 17th by all the lightworkers around the planet on this day has pushed us forward.  Many on this day that I have spoken to slept.  I was put to sleep just after my travels in the morning of the 17th and I slept solid for more than 3 hours. I NEVER sleep during the day EVER.  I am too hyped.  My daughter was not able to go to school on this day and I was forced to stay at home.  I figured that there was a divine plan in all of this. 

I dream everyday of this new earth, and I am aware that as I dream so my thoughts create.  So dream this dream of new earth and the more of you that dream this, the closer the reality will become. 


Nenna Wa Nanna Papa A Nini Tiri Katata Alana Ke Titi Ne Manani Ke

Kana Kara Me Piti O Lana Ke Titi.

(light language I have spoken since I was 15 years old- even as a walk-in I have full memory of it.)

Light Language is the language of higher dimensional frequency.  When written it looks like SANSKRIT.  When spoken it heals any aspect of you that needs healing.  When toned to a group will do group healing.  It is the galactic language of light and love and can also be the language of light from your soul or higher self coming through.  It can also be channelled from the higher beings of light.  You do not necessarily need to know what it says, but you can feel the light of the words healing you as you hear them or see them. (see me article on Light Language) 

Liat Nava Aliya

Lover of the new earth and dancing in the galactic language of light