Channelled by Liat Nava Aliya ©


Greetings beloved one

We are the council of light- City of Light- Andromeda
This is Ascended Master Abu Myra. 

New Earth and The Cities of Light. 

We welcome you all beloved ones from this realm, soon to be the realm that you reside on- the New Planet Earth.  We term this the New Earth for this is what it is. NEW.  And a wonderful joyous event.  There is so much excitement among us all as we watch and monitor all the activities on planet earth. 

The Cities of Light are prepared to meet and lower our vibrations in this final phase of earth transition.  It is necessary for we are meeting you half way.  The sacred geometry that this one Liat channelled to raise your vibrations to meet us, will do you well.  The Cities of Light are a vast network of dimensions.  It is not easy to explain in linear terms exactly what it is, but for this purpose we will say that it is the light.  This light represents ALL THAT IS.

Within this contains all the knowledge of the universe accessed by none other than an open heart of unconditional love.  This is your divine state of being in the 5th dimension.  As the Cities of Light are all connected to one another they become portals of entry to vast libraries and other universes which is always accessible in the higher dimensions. 

We are all here to aid and facilitate not only humanity, but to assist mother earth in her transition.  We will aid in many ways, as part of The Galactic Federation we work in unison with the divine plan.  An awakening planet that will ascend is the most grandest and joyous event that does not happen  “Every Day”.

Within each City of Light are many who will teach, facilitate, share knowledge on many different systems.  There are some already on planet earth who channel this information.  Healing geometries, crystal frequencies, free energy devices and technology that can only be shared in the realms of unconditional love.  For all your current systems on planet earth must change.  This change is beginning to be felt.  There are many asking and requesting change in the manner of doing things.  Even in your own lives as you awaken, you will see that unconditional love changes your perspective on the outcome. 

The City of Light Andromeda is in linear terms situated in the southern hemisphere, but in dimensional aspects is accessible anywhere and is everywhere - in no fixed place.  All the Cities of Light work together, we all have councils overseen by The Galactic Federation.

As the portals of light are grounded and opened on the earth plane it allows a higher frequency to be accessed by humanity and more light is assisted to shine into mother earth for your ascension to take place.  As we see it is like light bulbs flicking on one after another in unstoppable motion. 

We ask you to connect with the higher dimensional frequencies of love, peace, joy and harmony and disconnect from all lower vibrating frequencies. Take a step back and immediately bathe yourself in the creator love, which is you.  You are all divine beings of light on a journey.  A journey that you create every step of the way.  We urge you to manifest these higher frequencies into your lives and discard all lower thoughtforms.  Watch your thought processes.  Watch how you can change your lives with a simple process of opening the heart to love.  For the universe always gives you what you desire.  Be guided by your higher selves, ask us to aid you in your next steps on this journey. 

Go well beloved ones

Blessings upon you all.