I often have people come to me for advice and my answer is always the same I ask “what is your passion in life?”  “what is it that you truly wish to be doing?” and many ask about their current partners-and I ask you to feel in your GUT rather what it is that you really feel in the heart, YOU will KNOW.

I am asking you to connect with universal energy.  I am asking you to not let the heart get in the way, for when the heart starts thinking, then your divine guidance is immediately being blocked.  Higher guidance must come from channelling through the upper two chakras.

Thoughts of doubt creep in about the things that could go wrong. We are being asked by spirit to concentrate on what can go right. We are also in the current energy of change, so there will be many changes coming up in our lives as we follow our passions in life rather than the old set of linear rules of having to work for a boss who can be nasty to you and you having to put up with it.  These days are over and it is time for great change on planet earth.  The heart is the centre of the universe and where all creation is manifested, so to will you all learn in the new energy to manifest through your heart centres for your passions in life.

I too have a deep seated passion in life that I now follow even though I can see enormous changes ahead, instead of fearing them I have asked to embrace them in divine timing and grace of course which is difficult for me for I find linear time such a drag. 

In the energy quotient that we currently have now on planet earth it is vital that we learn to operate out of our heart centres. A feeling about what you are doing or about a particular person will alert you to the truth of the matter at hand.  Your heart is never wrong about this because it is divine guidance from you to you, and from your guide team of course. I have often asked myself why I did not follow my GUT FEELING on something and landed up burning my fingers.  So I have learned to trust my GUT FEELING  in life and the passion I feel has led me to the right place. 

If you are feeling a true passion about something in your life, you will have an innate desire to follow that passion.  This is how NEW EARTH will operate.

Out of the heart centre and from the source of YOUR PASSION. 

Your passion is your higher self presence shining through you, for when you are passionate about something it shines from the heart and others can see this and will want to share it with you. 

It is true that where lovers are passionate about each other that even their lovemaking is extremely beautiful.  This is because it is heartfelt and heart based.    ( not to be confused with obsession ) 

Of course you all have free will as to whether you want to follow your passion or not or listen to your God/Goddess higher self.

In divine recognition of PASSION

Liat Nava Aliya © 2006