Greetings beloved one 

Channelled through Liat Nava Aliya ©


Rainbow Energy 

We are the council of light City of Light-Andromeda.  We greet you from this realm on this wonderful day in the mother city of Cape Town.  Ascended Master Abu Myra welcomes all. 

This is indeed a great day, day of granting of the freedom of New Earth for it would not have been possible without all of you on earth.  It would seem in the 3rd dimension that nothing has changed and that chaos is the order of the day.  We say to you beloved ones that you will need to centre yourself in peace, love, joy and harmony in the coming linear months, for this chaos is not part of who are in your divineness.  All beings who are efforting to vibrate higher and are incorporating more light into their bodies will benefit from doing this, for the light has increased and is increasing every moment.

It will be necessary for humanity to learn to find this peace within themsleves for those that are unable, will find themselves in ever increasing chaos. The old illusion of 3rd dimensional matrix is still in existence.  It puts all those connected to this matrix in fear of their own divinity, of finding this divinity and bringing about peace within. 

On 11 of November (11/11) a portal will open on top of Table Mountain enhancing an already powerful portal of entry to the higher dimensions.  This portal is a rainbow spectrum of colour, light and sound.  A representative of the New Earth energy.  It is also a portal of entry to The City of Light- or any of them.  On this day you will be able to place yourselves on top of this beautiful mountain and feel the energy of this portal.  So we welcome you to the entire spectrum of this rainbow energy.  This rainbow is to remind you that you are the rainbow.

As you place yourselves on top of the mountain you will find yourself within a giant crystal pyramid.  Within this pyramid the rainbow light filters in through the crystal structure of the pyramid.  Above you is a beautiful crystal ball of many colours and as you stand beneath it infuses you and your entire being not only your physical being with the rainbow spectrum of sacred geometries.  This not only enhances your physical well being but will also help align you and balance you.  For all colour is vibration and all vibration speaks to your energetic structure at the DNA level.  For you all have the power to heal yourselves and this knowledge lies within you all. 

There are many portals of entry around the planet.  Many are in places of ancient history.  Many people visit these places for they feel the power of the energy. 

It is no co-incidence that a rainbow represents peace, it also represents all the dimensions.  It is also a reminder of the beauty of nature for when you connect to a rainbow you open your heart.  It is also no co-incidence that South Africa is called the Rainbow Nation- a nation that has spent time healing itself, even though to the world and the negative media broadcasting South Africa has opened its heart to one another, for the diversity of culture is great and the difference is seen as no difference.  The peace that ensued after embracing the Madiba’s* Rainbow Nation is a reminder that rainbows represent peace. 

So we invite you to invite peace into your lives and surround yourself with your own rainbow.  For an open heart is the only way. 

Beloved ones we leave you now with the rainbow.

I am Ascended Master Abu Myra

City of Light- Andromeda 

Note* Madiba is Nelson Mandela – a master of light.