Have you ever wondered why so many say grace at the table in all religions all over the world?  The reality behind this is that is raises the vibration of the food that you eat.  Our food is of such a bad quality in this day, the soils are depleted of nutrients, too many chemicals are used in farming, animals are inhumanely kept.  When I first discovered I was a lightworker one of the things that I simply could not bear was any kind of meat.  I discovered that by eating the meat you were infact eating the immense pain of the animal.  Your body absorbs this pain and suffering causing pain and suffering in you.  I simply could not bear to eat it.  Apart from that you ingest all the impurities like antibiotics and chemicals used in the raising.  Eventually you get old and look old too.  Not necessary in the new age.

If we were all vegetarian, there would be ample food on this planet to feed all.  The truth is that the grain grown on the planet is used to feed the beef to feed the consumer and the amount of mouths this feeds is a fraction of the mouths that could be fed on the grain used to feed the beef.

To raise the vibration of your food you can simply bless it, send light into it, use sacred geometry through it, clear it by taking it back to source and if you are eating meat, thank the animal for its part in sacrificing itself so you could eat it.

To further raise your own vibration you can eat food that is still live like fresh fruit and vegetables and sprouts.

The time of being a human race of enormous consumerism is at an end.

The more we raise our own vibrations the less we will need to consume from the plant and animal kingdom.  Thus many species will leave the planet. 

It is now time to take responsibility for ourselves and this planet.

In gratitude to all I have ever eaten

Liat Nava Aliya ©