Channelled by Liat Nava Aliya ©

Greetings beloved one 

We are The Council of Light-City of Light Andromeda

This is Ascended Master Abu Myra at your service. 

We channel you this evening on RAISING YOUR VIBRATIONS for the oncoming FIRST CONTACT

Beloved ones, this time is indeed near for the First Contact Mission to be carried out.  There are many that need to awaken and this event as you know it will be the one to precipitate the Great Awakening.  For those that read these words are already feeling it.  The change that is coming is imminent.

We advise that as a reminder to continue the work that you are doing within. It is a requirement that your vibrations be raised to meet with us.  Your guide teams are working hard at preparing you for this event.  There is much that has been misunderstood about how your vibration is raised.  Dear ones it is only through the heart that this is done. Your heart has been the seat of much pain in many lifetimes on this planet.  It has many attachments for some of you on a karmic level to others.  We have urged you to use the gift of release available on yourselves to free you of the karmic wheel.  Along with this is the emotional release work needed from within you and your mental and emotional bodies to free you from the negativity.  This aids your higher self incension, your connection to your guide team and to us. 

As you connect yourselves to the New Grids of Light, The Cities of Light, New Earth becomes more of a reality as you feel the pulses of love flowing through and into you.  It leaves you in a state of bliss and joy.  When you look around you and find yourself in the 3rd dimension, it can be a shock to some of you to bring yourself back to reality.  Know that we understand the disillusionment and disconnection that you feel at times, we guide you to look past this and continue your inner work.  You will leave behind that Drama, the negativity that is so prevalent in your world, will no longer affect you nor have an effect on you as you are able to stand back and view it. 

You are in between worlds at present, you are in a shift, a transition, a planetary transition.  Your collective consciousness dictates that you move forward into this New State of Being.  It is how New Earth is born. It is why you all work so hard at clearing and releasing at present as it aids the rise in vibration of yourselves.  As you do this it awakens others to remember and urges them on a deep level to do the same. 

Forgiveness is a simple reminder and aids you release the negative aspects of yourself.  Compassion for others on their path is another.  It is time to release judgement, fear of one another.  It is time to look at belief systems, intolerances.  It is time beloved ones, to work together to create in love The Incredible. 

We leave you now on The Ray of Peace, Love, Joy and Unity of One. 

This is Ascended Master Abu Myra.

AVA MAYA* rejoice in New Earth in Andromedan.