How I do a reading is use to analyze your full chakra system and aura.  This includes the emotional issues that are prevalent in your life that is causing distress.  There are many levels in the aura, each containing information about you in both current and past life and distress.  This presents itself as emotion, and any negativity will show itself in the energy fields.  Included in each reading is not only just a reading, but a guidance to the positive work you can do on yourself thus empowering you to do this.

I am able to read your energy even from a photograph and see the patterns of distress in the aura.  You will receive with your reading the full analysis of each chakra and your auric field as I see it, including the patterning prevalent in this field that I am able to see into.  This patterning represents emotion, belief systems, stresses, negativity and also the positive.  This includes the levels of the energy matrix, the mental layer, and the emotional layer.

A reading of your energetic system reveals the unseen patterns, distresses, negativity and your own thought processes that affect the physical body.  Your emotional state is a barometer of the work needed to be done at the present.

I connect with your energy and read it in a manner that can assist those of you who wish to clear negative patterning and begin to create for yourself a lifelong process of positive work that will assist in bringing about the changes needed to do this.  I do not do this for you, you must understand that you have the ability.  Sometimes past lives have a severe impact on the present day, and they will surface in a reading.

I will be guiding you to use techniques, rather on a very practical level to use not only what I see in your energy field, but the very practical applications on how to work with clearing the blockages, and how to use energy in a very practical and understandable manner on yourself and by yourself.

I have included in the FORM (see below) to please send me 3 questions of your own choice that you feel you need assistance with.

PHOTO - must be taken the same day as you e-mail me or very close.  It must be taken against a light or white background and it MUST be FULL body photo.

Baruch HaSHem

Liat Nava Aliya

If you want a reading, please fill in the attached form and e-mail it to me with a photo of yourself and click on the SETCOM  payment to pay.  PayPal does not operate in South Africa unfortunately, so you will have to follow the easy steps to set up your payment with the SETCOM "buy now" button below.

Only contact me if you are serious about YOUR HEALING.  I read what is most prevalent in your energy layers, this information can be painful and frank and honest.  I do not tell you what you want to hear, but what is seen in patterns in the energy field.  

DISCLAIMER :  I do not diagnose, nor prescribe.

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