Channelled by Liat Nava Aliya ©


Greetings Beloved One 

We are The Council of Light, City of Light Andromeda.  This is Ascended Master Abu Myra and Ascended Master Hara Maya at your service. 

We channel you today onThe Release of Fear within you and Fear of Alignment with your next steps in Ascension. 

Your duality has presented final steps for your ascension process at present, you have begun to bring into your lives the set ups for your final steps in clearance of and fear of your many steps in Ascension.  We guide you that we speak now of activations and releases and divine connections of higher light and codings for New Earth.  Many of you are overcome by fear and take as such that it is your higher self guiding you.  Beloved ones,  if it has been created from your overactive minds that are still connected to the lower matrixes you will question each and every time this happens.  Should you be listening to your heart and feeling the guidance from deep within yourself, you would not have this confusion of “Should I or Shouldn’t I”.  Your ego will always come into play for protective reasons and should you not be able to step aside and listen to your divine higher guidance, then release work needs to be done. 

Many of you from different lifetimes and by divine choice had planned lifetimes where persecution for spirituality practiced in any manner or form was often met with brutal consequences.  You feel this on an energetic level at present as your DNA brings to light the entrapments of fear that you hold. Each time you journey further on a path of ascension within it hold up these memories for you to release.  It is of course your choice whether you do, but as you move forward you will not want to hold onto these cellular memories that run deep within you. 

We ask you why you would want to hang onto fear based memories, and we tell you that you are so programmed and conditioned by earth set up that it has been not and easy task to overcome.  These memories play havoc with your development and you are being guided to release them.  At the same time to begin bringing into your energetic space only that which is in alignment for your ascension.  Even today it is a word that is not spoken often and is misunderstood.  This path is individual and free will and choice are an integral part of your life’s mission here.  As you bring out the fears of alignment to your ascension process, it includes DNA activations, MerKaBa meditations, connections to your divine BLUEPRINT, releasing all not in alignment with your current path of ASCENSION.  There have been many encodements within your DNA that contained negative aspects of your life including your destiny seeding, your health status, contracts and set ups.

Many human beings have alienated themselves from facing these aspects out of FEAR.  We advise that nothing will be removed until it is requested by you.  You do not have to hang onto old CONTRACTS, KARMIC RELATIONSHIPS, HEALTH ISSUES AND YOUR LIFE PATH. You the master, are now given the opportunity to create your paths in the highest vibration for yourself.  Your ability to listen within will depend on the clearing done within yourself.  Each time you clear, you create a light space of higher vibrations that shows you yet another layer to clear.  We guide you not to give up and use this time now where many find yourselves in a “place of break-time” – a time to just reflect within with the peace of mind that you have created for yourself.

Anytime you face a fear, release it and align yourself with higher vibrations.
It is time of honesty about who you are and where you want to be and what you wish to be doing and most important of all HOW you are doing it for you. Your heart rings out with the most truest of guidance, as this higher connection is what you need to aim for.  Your knowing of what is right on your own path will come in a flash of divine guidance- no waiting.  This is your aim. 

Time is short on planet earth and changes are imminent.  You are all lovingly guided and aided.  The excitement mounts at the many events to take place.  The Cities of Light, The Galactic Federation, The Councils of Light, The Elohim Council of Light are near, as are the many Light Beings from many constellations some you have never heard of, await.  All Grids are in place and all Cities of Light have been brought in. Your pleas for change are heard.

We are The Council of Light City of Light Andromeda.  We serve in honour of this process and it is our joy to assist you.

Ascended Master Abu Myra and Ascended Master Hara Maya. 

AVA MAYA* rejoice in NEW EARTH in Andromeda.