Channelled by Liat Nava Aliya ©


Greetings dear one,

We are the elders of the council of light- City of light -Andromeda 

RELEASING BLOCKAGES-creating a flow of energy through the heart.  

Today we wish to give you the message of flowing energy and releasing blockages.  All blockages whether felt in the physical or the spiritual represent a blockage of the heart.  We see most of humanity operates from a closed heart energetically.  This causes much abuse on planet earth not only towards one another but also towards the environment that you live in. 

It is important to ask yourself the question of why you feel so stuck in your life?

The answer is simple in that the flow of natural energy between your heart and the universe is not flowing.  Think of it as a dam building up because many leaves and branches and rocks are blocking it up.  And so it is with your energy.  As the blockages are not released with you, so it dams up and you feel the immense frustrations and inner turmoil.  We ask you the to do this simple exercise to help you release blockages and keep the flow of energy through you. 

First connect your heart to the heart of mother earth.  Feel the flow of energy come up through your feet and to the father sky and let it flow back again. Connect your crown chakra to father sky and let the energy flow in from father sky to the heart of mother earth.  Place yourself in a giant droplet of soft pink light.  In this safe place open your heart and let the love and light shine into your heart.  Feel the blockage being released.  Feel yourself flow like a river going where the flow takes you with joy and abandonment.  Own the vibration of clearness and flow through your heart.  For it is with intent that it will be.  Your intent is powerful dear ones so do not underestimate its power. 

So whenever you feel stuck in your life, open your heart to the flow of the universe and you will find that you will reap the rewards of everything your heart desires in all areas of your life.  It is time now in this wonderful new energy that you are able to take responsibility for the creating of your life. 

We leave you with these words and bless you. 

Council of light-City of light-Andromeda