Greetings beloved ones 

Channelled by Liat Nava Aliya


This is The city of light- Andromeda, we are the Elders of this council. 

I am Ascended Master Abu Myra at your service. 

We channel you today on the RELEASE of KARMA

For many eons the set up of duality on planet earth required that you had karmic contracts to fulfil from previous lifetimes.  As you moved into your next cycle of lesson and learning these cycles became more complex and involved and needed more planning on your finer blueprint.  These you then carried with you into the lifetime that you chose on planet earth.  Many times your karmic cycles were not completed due to the free will and density of planet earth.

This density of earth energy interfered with the connection to not only your higher selves, but to your divine plan for that incarnation.  You were still guided lovingly by your angelic assistance team, but as the earth years drew to the millennium, it became increasingly difficult as the dark influenced the human population with their set up of the MATRIXES.  Not only did you have to contend with these MATRIXES, but you also came at this present time to complete your cycles. You do this by releasing yourselves from its hold on you.  This hold is an energetic pull that you feel towards a particular person that you are interacting with.  You all have this set up within your close physical family structure and you will feel the lessons that the dear ones present to you time and time again within this karmic cycle.  It was a choice set up by both parties for duality.

Past life karma is no different in that you are still energetically attached to the feeling of indebtedness to another, or the feeling that you really need to interact in a particular manner with another being.  This may create situations that are negative within your days. We advise that when you recognise a karmic set up between yourselves, and now is the gift that it does so, because you are in the final phases of Earth Ascension, it is now time for you to request release from the karmic cycle you now find yourself in.   It is not necessary to know which particular lifetime is has been created from, it is more important that you learn to recognise the particular karmic issue and release yourselves from its energetic hold on you.

Karma may present itself to you in many ways, your divine family members will always be behaving in a certain manner and possibly provoking you to anger, or there may be a control issue between you that you have needed to learn that particular lesson on.  It may be victimhood on your part or theirs. There are endless set ups in this cycle.  It is really any negative lesson set up that may include, fear, control, anger, separation, pain, lack, greed, lust, envy, hate.  Once you recognise this lesson, it is now up to you release yourselves from its set up.

The karmic cycles on planet earth are coming to a full circle and ending with this lifetime.  We ask you why you need to feel that you need to carry this burden?  We advise you that these times are over and as you release many negative aspects of yourself including karmic release, you pave the way for higher self incension.  The more of this that is accomplished, the higher you vibrate.  The higher you vibrate, the more around you that feel this and are spurred on by your vibration.  It aids the whole and you are all to be congratulated for where you are. We also advise you that there is a rule that if you donít ask, we cannot aid you, the same applies to your karmic release.

If you do not request this release, you remain within the cycle of karma until you have requested release from it.  It is as simple as recognising the set up and doing so.  You will immediately feel the lightness of being once you begin this work on yourself, for you are freeing your energetic structure, your physical, mental, emotional, lightbody and MerKaBa of eons of energetic ties. Along with this and the connection to the higher grids of light on NEW EARTH will aid you in finding the peace within that you all long for.  For when you can stand back from the DRAMA that a karmic tie brings, you have then accomplished it.

You do not have to interact with the other human being that you have this karma or feel this karma with, it is only necessary that it is recognised by you and release requested by you.  On an energetic level, they will feel this. We also advise that you do not discount your closest physical family members who lovingly incarnated with you to aid each other in this process.  Many are not yet awake, but it is up to those reading this that have recognised the responsibility of releasing negative aspects including karma.  You may have karma with your children, lovers, husbands, wives, aunts, teachers, in all relationships there is a karmic set up. As you release yourselves and the DRAMA ceases, there will be peace within you. 

Bring yourselves to The Temple of Light and Sound within The City of Light Andromeda and we greet you with love and support.  Come and stand in the sacred circle in the centre of this Temple of Light and Sound.  You are surrounded by your guide team and by the Great Healers of This City of Light.  They have come to aid you in this grand process and they surround you in a circle.   

Ask for the sacred geometry and sound that you need for your energetic structure at this present moment.  As you stand in this circle you are immediately surrounded by a column of golden light extending through the roof of the temple to the heavens.  This is your release column of light.

As you stand in this column of golden light ask your guide team and Great Healers of The City of Light to aid your release of KARMA that you have recognised.  It is here that you request the healing after release of this karma. 

We give you an affirmation to do this if you wish to use it; 

I... (insert your name) request release of karma between myself and...(insert name of the other person) regarding the issue of Ö (insert the negative issue)


I request the Great Healers to aid me in this process as I stand in this Temple.  I also request that I be aided in recognising any further KARMA so that I may release it in this manner. 


As you release yourselves from the many negative aspects, so the light pours into your being.  This is your goal and we aid you in this ASCENSION process. 

Never before has there been a time like this on PLANET EARTH, never have we been so joyful in the participation of this GRAND EVENT.  We greet you from this City of Light Andromeda and leave you on the ray of love and peace that radiates through you and into mother earths core. 

This is Ascended Master Abu Myra.

AVA MAYA- which means rejoice in New Earth.