Greetings dear one

Channelled by Liat  Nava Aliya


Releasing negativity 

We are the elders of the city of light- Andromeda

We come to you in peace love joy and harmony which we wish to infuse you with. 

We ask you to stand in the column of light in the temple of light and sound and bathe in its frequencies of healing light and sound vibration.  We ask you to connect with father sky through your crown chakra and connect with mother earth through your earth star chakra and let these connections blend with one another. At the same time ask you higher self to assist you by bringing in the colour you need for your own healing, whether it be physical or emotional and as you stand in this column of light, the colour you need will infuse in you into every cell in your being.  As you do this it will release the incorrect vibrations in between the cellular structure in your DNA.  As these negative vibrations are released, it is important to request that a new vibration replace it.  One of pure love and light from the source of ALL IS ONE.  As you stand in this column of beautiful light open your heart to receive the vibration of love and with intent release all negative emotions, stuck emotions, blockages, fear and disconnection.  Replace the negative vibrations with the love from the source of ALL IS ONE.  When you do this and if you could see your own energy field you would see that it now vibrates with brighter colours and spins at a higher velocity attracting into your life the more positive things. For as along as you hold onto negativity, the longer it is attracted to your energy field.  The law of attraction of the universe is so, and so we encourage you to release negativity within your thought processes and physical beings. 

We leave you with these thoughts and with our love and blessings. 

City of light-Andromeda