Channelled by Liat Nava Aliya

Greetings beloved ones

We come to you in the highest of light and vibrations.

We are the Council of Light- City of Light Andromeda. 

Shifting vibrations in 2008 

The shifting vibrations for 2008 are upon earth and will intensify with each linear day. Vibrations so high that lower energies are finding it difficult to comprehend and function. For many others seeking the light, are rewarded with upliftment and abundance and joy.  For so many more others, life has become something to be endured, without abundance and hope.  The chaos of present day 3rd dimensional existence would have you believe that existence is all you have.  So many who do not accept responsibility for their own lives, pass this onto future generations.  This has been the way of the planet.  But many things are about to change beginning with the shifting vibrations of each individual who wishes to walk the path of light.  Light is in its simplest terms a measure of vibrations, a plethora of colour and sound extending far into the dimensions where time and space annul the linear science of your time. 

The shifting vibrations of 2008 may appear gentle, but the truth is that an awakened soul walking this planet has a gift to touch others, for no lower vibration can stand be near so much light without the gift touching his being.  What stops lower vibrational human beings from embracing it, is simply their free will and ego steps in to take control, but ego too is something that the human can use.  The gift of awakening and journey into the light is the task of each in his own time, but all are touched by the light at present and none can hide.  The higher you vibrate the more you will shift and the more apparent the changes will be in your life as you are able to bypass the lower vibrational entities both human and non human that come across your path. 

Vibrational shifts are grand and the earth is doing her best at shifting.  Too many lower vibrating human beings do not care nor wish to care about the living entity called earth and those who wish to remain will find that is will become unbearable to hang onto the lower vibrations they carry. 

Many centuries ago the Yeshua came to earth to assist in the raising of the vibration of the human being. 

“Forgive them Adonai for they know not what they do”

Was a message engraved in time and relevant today, but it carries the price of responsibility.  How we live life, how we experience life and what we do with it.  We ask you to look now at your lives and to take a look at where you wish to be and the manner you are carrying out your activities and be honest with yourselves about the realities that you are creating. 

Your emotional processing will assist you in vibrational shifts, for the higher you vibrate, the more you shed the negativities you carry with you and these include from your past lives.  Do not be surprised if you incarnated to earth this time round to accomplish many things including the processing of karmic relay.  This means that on accomplishment of one karmic issue you are presented with another immediate issue.  This is where your perseverance is applauded.  The company of heaven is teaming with assistance. All who request assistance- is given and perhaps to you in unusual ways.

In the grounding of your being you will accomplish many unusual feats.  As the vibrations increase, your desires will change, your vision open wider and clearer, your mind free of lower vibrating energies that you have discarded in the past year of 2007 along with karmic completion, will greatly assist you in moving forward in 2008.   

All life will remain still if you remain still, a great deal of 3rd dimensional work lies ahead in very real terms.  Those already moving forward with intent to a higher vibrating existence are rewarded with the creations of the light you are creating and abundance will be no issue for you. 

Your awareness of being greatly increases at this time, your sense of the self and who you are may make you feel exposed and buffeted to lower energies, but these can easily be repelled with your light and intent. 

We leave you on the ray of wisdom and infuse your beings with light and the love of the company of heaven where we are always guiding you. 

This is Ascended Master Abu Myra 

The City of Light Andromeda 

Channelled by Liat Nava Aliya