Greetings beloved one 

Channelled by Liat Nava Aliya 


We are the council of light- City of Light Andromeda
And this is Ascended Master Abu Myra at your service 

This evening we channel you on Your Soul Mission Activation 

This is an entirely necessary part of the ascension process on planet earth and there is no time to waste.  At present the high volumes of energy coming into the planet have increased the vibration of this planet and the vibrations of this planet are exceedingly high at the moment and so you are all feeling a little restless and  a little agitated and there are many emotions that are coming to the surface. 

There are many channellings advising you on working with these issues so we advise you not to waste any time on the matter.  It will only further enhance the emotional pain.  This soul mission activation is part of New Earth.  For you all have a desire on a soul level to see this New Earth.  And many of you will change not only your jobs, but also the places that you are living in. For the vibrations of these does no longer serve you. And you will feel this at a heart level and your heart will be telling you that this is no longer for me and so we advise you on your heart level is to look into your heart.  For this is the only manner in which you will be able to operate in this high energy. 

 And so we ask you to come and place yourselves in The Temple of Light and Sound and come and stand in the shaft of golden light, in the centre of this temple of light and sound.  And above you is a beautiful crystal ball of light and at this time we ask you to invite all your guides, all your angels and any other being of light that you wish to come to this ceremony and stand around you and aid in this process called soul mission activation.  This is an important part of your journey for those of you that are remaining on planet earth at this time.  For many of you will receive your missions and you will be doing a totally different kind of work that you do now.  You may be working for a bank or you may be doing something menial that you donít really enjoy. It is time now for all who are going to the New Earth to receive this Soul Mission.  This will not only include not only the work that you will be doing with the earth and with the ascension and with your own ascension, but also with your passion.  Your passion is something deep within your heart.  What you love doing, do you love painting, do you love nature, do you love animals, do you love being with children, do you love teaching, do like making things.  These are all important important things within your heart.

This is now time of truth. And it is a time of speaking and living your truth and this includes the passion that you have for the things you love doing.  It is a fallacy that you have to work an 8 hour day with a 1 hour lunch break.  This is part of an old system that no longer applies.  It is part of an old system that is crumbling to the dust along with all the other governmental systems around the planet, anything that has the name system on it is crumbling. The energy structures that are holding these systems together are falling apart rapidly.  They have served their purpose on planet earth and they are no longer necessary.  The duality and the learning of the duality of these systems are over.  There are many who now still cling to these duality systems and it is no longer necessary. 

So place yourselves in The Temple of Light and Sound in this golden shaft of light with the crystal ball above you.  With your guides and any other being of light that you would like to have in your space at this time and as you stand there it is for you to request that your soul mission now be activated.  This will also return your power to you. For with this soul activation mission you will receive the necessary guidance that you need to complete your mission now on earth. 

And so we leave you now with the blessings and joy of the higher dimensions and it is from our hearts to your hearts that we see these beautiful and wonderful process of earth ascension unfold at a rapid pace.   

And this is Ascended Master Abu Myra.

*please see my article on SOUL MISSION ACTIVATION under the articles section for the full activation.