Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone and Clearing your Issues.
By Liat Nava Aliya

As human beings we enjoy comfort and familiarity which often includes a stable working and living environment.  Many are not so fortunate and have neither and are living in areas of poverty or war torn environments.  This places them in a great deal of discomfort and disconnection.  This does not assist in spiritual evolution. 

Many human beings are lazy, many are not.  Many work on their issues and many do not.  This is the choice we have been given.  But the crunch comes now and discomfort has arrived whether you like it or not.  This comes in the form of emotional turmoil within and is manifested without by you whether you know it or recognize it or not. 

For many, working on yourself takes a great deal of recognition and truthful analysis.  Awareness of ones emotional state of being and looking into ones emotional issues are the first step into the discomfort zone. 

WELCOME TO RAISING YOUR VIBRATIONS.  This is the only way to raise your vibrations and that is to deal with your emotional issues.  They are closely tied in with your KARMA.  At present we are in the cycle of completion.  But, before we can enter the new phase, we are being seriously guided to complete all outstanding issues at present before the new 2008 year. 

Many who have taken the neutral karmic implant for “voiding karma” may not be aware that this does not mean that you have no karma to work through.  Your emotional state is a good barometer of this.  As we work towards the higher vibrations of ascension many are not aware that your issues amplify on ascension.  Any issues not dealt with by you will not waft away into thin air.  As you reach the higher vibrations with your new awareness, your issues remain and amplify with your awareness of what they are and how you need to work through them.  The reason why so many human beings, light workers or not are currently struggling at present is because of the karmic factor. 

But how do you recognize it?  It is largely an unseen item and difficult to work with.  My only suggestion is that meditation in whatever manner you do it in is largely up to you.  Whether you work through your issues or not is also up to you. My advice is….GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE.  Nothing will be accomplished unless the work is done.  The City of Light Andromeda has for most part of this year repeatedly channelled on karmic release and the strong ties between the emotional issues and your KARMA. 

Without going into pages of what is karma, there is no good or bad karma.  THIS IS A BAD PHRASE AND A COPOUT for the work you need to do on yourself. It is quite simply the energy tie or repayment needed for the responsibility of your past actions and deeds.  Many on earth are here now to do this and unless it is accomplished, whether you have karma to repay, finish off for a previous incarnation of yours, or whether you have taken the karmic implant, you STILL MAY HAVE AND PROBABLY WILL HAVE KARMA TO REPAY. 

The explanation for how you are feeling is in your own AKASHIC records.  As the light shines in and you vibrate higher you also activate the ability to feel your Akashic records which are SPEAKING VOLUMES to us at present. As this occurs you will feel all injustes of past lives, you will feel the injustices you did to others and you are not excluded, you will feel all emotions beaming through to you and tapping you on the shoulder.  Guess what?…its doesn’t go away until you deal with it.  In fact it amplifies until you do so.  Your guides under instruction of your contract will constantly remind you. 

If there is one thing I have learned being here on earth, is the responsibility for your deeds, thoughts and actions are so great, but is something that most do not recognize or see.  INCLUDING YOUR PAST LIVES. The only way you can work through your karma is exactly that. WORK.

I am going to burst your bubble here a bit.  An explanation is needed between a KARMIC TIE and KARMA needed to be repaid.

Karmic Tie is a tie you have/had between yourself and another for whatever purpose in your contract for that person or you to behave in a certain manner towards each other… and especially you will see this in family situations… where one person continually aggravates in a negative manner to an expected outcome for you.  Any negative emotion between you is a good indication if it is a constant factor. You can cut your karmic ties at anytime. 

KARMA for the purposes of repayment or completion will mean for you that in a past lifetime or this one, your actions brought on the suffering, killing or great pain of another human being.  Don’t think that you are excluded in any way.  You cannot wish away this one.  WORK is needed to do this on a very real and 3rd dimensional level. 

As I found out spirit means business, and just by coming to earth at this time, means you have unfinished business.  Denial will just place you closer to the discomfort zone. 

Ask you guides for assistance.

Take the time to meditate.

Ask to be shown or guided in a manner you can understand to solve your emotional states and begin with the most hectic emotion that you are dealing with at present. 

There is nothing wrong with acts of compassion or kindness in this world where the haves have more and have nots have less.

The western world does not know or understand any third world issues such as poverty, disease, war, tyranny.  This is something that maybe you read about somewhere and carry one with your lives, going to work everyday, trying to eak out a living.  But somewhere on this planet there are millions starving, living in poverty, living in absolute fear under despotic rulers.  I ask if we have learned anything with 2 world wars under our belts last century.  The answer lies in our current state of this world where many are in DENIAL about the existence of such terrible things.  The first step to healing is always to dealing with any issues is acceptance and KARMA is no exception. 

The good news is that after the completion cycle this year we can enter the period of great awakening with great assistance from spirit.  

If we listen. 

Liat Nava Aliya