Swimming with the Dolphins at Ponto Do Ouro Mozambique

Dolphin photos taken by Angie Gallun of Dolphin Encountours www.dolphin-encountours.co.za





September 2006




Swimming with the Dolphins at Ponto Do Ouro Mozambique September 2006 

I recently had the most awesome life changing experience while swimming with the Dolphins in this beautiful part of the world.  It is aptly named Point of Gold and the photos I took of this point will agree with that.

Ponto – Point

Do – of

Ouro - Gold 

As I jumped into the water and looked down there was a pod of Dolphins swimming in the shape of a pyramid and along with that the sounds they made underwater beneath me.  A dolphin broke away from the pod and swam past me then away then fully circled me making eye contact.  The sounds they make immediately open the heart.

There is an immense feeling of joy in having a Dolphin swim around you.  A feeling of peace, love and connection.  The Dolphin taught me that the lesson here was CONNECTION.  By being with a Dolphin in the water helps humans remember the connection that has been lost within themselves and each person who has made this connection passes it on to others.  The Dolphin connects the mind to the heart and opens the heart to the flow of energy between them, the earth, the sky and your heart.

It is about RE-CONNECTION and unconditional love and this is what humans feel when they come into contact with the Dolphins.  Their hearts are opening to receiving this unconditional love and the endorphins released by the body are a by product of this connection.

Dolphins come from Sirius- The Blue Planet.  The esoteric reason for Dolphins being on planet earth is not only to bring BALANCE but they are keepers of wisdom “ancient sacred geometry”.  To those of you who can connect with them on an energetic level you will see these symbols. It is interesting to note that Dolphins use sacred geometry in their imagery and display this in their swim by swimming in pods in the shape of a pyramid and using the infinity symbol.  All creation is sacred geometry, no thing is without it and it encompasses every THING including your thought patterns.  It is the master of creation itself.

I had left Mozambique after swimming with the Dolphins and felt immediately guided to return back to Mozambique.  I had unfinished business there and indeed I did.  I had left on 10-09-06 and made arrangements to return on 11-09-06 (911) energetically an important day for earth.  So I arrived back on 09-11. As I sat on the sundeck in deep thought I had the following desire to  anchor the Light Of The Golden Ray by using sacred geometry I was given in visual form.  I placed over this area a golden star tetrahedron within a circle and anchored it to mother earth’s heart and connected it to father sky creating perfect balanced energy field for all who come to this area.  I was given this to anchor this area as a sacred site and portal of connection to this Golden Ray of Light.  The Golden Ray represents the 7th golden era that we have entered.  It is no coincidence that this place is named Pont Do Ouro.  (Point of Gold) 

Dolphins see us on an energetic level rather than a physical level and connect with us through the heart.  This is why the bond is so strong between humans and Dolphins.  It opens the heart and brings out the playful INNER CHILD.


I have been intensely aware for some time now that the Dolphins represent the Blue Ray. Blue is the colour of balance and truth and brings balance to those connecting to them.  99% of all humans on this planet represent un-balance and disharmony and this can be seen in the closed heart and the abuse of planet earth, to one another and earth’s creatures.  99% of all humans have an intense fear of love and fear of connection.  They build walls of separation around themselves and further separate themselves from within.  By connecting to this ray you shine the light on the truth of your inner being of who you really are- your sacred divinity within that knows and contains all knowledge of the universe.


The Dolphins also represent the energy of 999 – the energy and symbology of completion.  We are in the final phases of completion of our planet into light (ascension).  A planet of CONNECTION with all- with one another, the universe, the ALL IS ONE, earth, nature.  No one is left out, no thing is left behind.  All those still in need of playing the duality further will continue on another planet in another dimension.  The gateways to the 3rd and 4th dimension will close on 09-09-2007(9) 999.  It is interesting to note that the light beings I work with from Andromeda also represent this Blue Ray and are connected with matters of the heart.  All their channellings to me are about sound, colour, light and vibration AND the heart.

 It is through the heart that we shall heal ourselves and connect to the inner wisdom of knowing.  This is the connection that has been withheld from the populace by the religious orders of the world and they instead teach the populace to rely on disconnection to keep them coming back and try and connect without to the ALL IS ONE through their teachings that are not complete rather than to teach you that the connection is already there and within you as divine magnificent whole beings that you already are and not WITHOUT. 

This external teaching of trying to connect externally and by this I mean that many religions have taught that God is an all powerful being and is separate from you and that you will be judged to enter the realms of heaven and only a select will enter?  This teaching of separation caused the hearts to close of the human being.  Hence separation, loneliness, fear, disconnection was the learning.  This was for all humanity a great lesson and one that was chosen by all who came to earth.  There is no judgement in this as it was a necessary part of our learning curve.   

It is time to now realise that we are God and we are never disconnected from source and that heaven is something that is accessible to all and through the healing of the heart and with the realisation that we are ALL ONE and that we are unconditional love and that you do not need to rely on religion or another human being to attain this knowledge.  It is WITHIN each and every one of you. 

Religious orders used this fear base to gain popularity and increase their numbers, but as humanity awakens and the search begins, there is no pulling the wool over an awakened human beings eyes. 


Please remember that we are not here by invitation, we are all here by our own choice and we are not victims of circumstance EVER.  We are creators of our own lives and everything that happens is a choice of yours whether you are conscious of it or not.  Take responsibility for your choices and life. 

I highly recommend swimming with the Dolphins if you feel pulled this way and the best way to do this is through Dolphin Encountours in Ponto Do Ouro.                                         Their website is www.dolphin-encountours.co.za    

Connect with the Dolphins of the Blue  Ray and it will change you forever.


God bless you

For the love of Dolphins

They love you


Liat Nava Aliya

Changed forever and in love


I believe I can fly...I believe I can touch the sky



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