Greeting dear one

Channelled by Liat Nava Aliya


We are the council of light elders of the-City of Light- Andromeda 

Temple of Light and Sound- How we are seen

We come to you today on the highest vibration of light to enter you and fill you with its colours and sounds.  For light is sound and healing.  When you think of colours you are in fact thinking in sound.  It interacts with all that is on a frequency vibration.  It is how we see you- a beautiful amphora of light and sound.  Your bodies vibrate at sound frequencies which give off light to match this vibration.  It is the make up of the entire universe.  

The temple of light and sound is the beginning of the healing process and understanding of the harmony that is now necessary on the new earth.  Many humans can and will benefit from the use of healing with light and sound techniques.  It is something only just beginning to be understood even in the medical field of doctors in particular psychologists who will begin to use techniques of whole body approach to healing using light and sound.  Light and sound correspond to the sacred geometries and will when seen in the new dimensions will become for humanity a new gift of understanding the universe, for in light and sound is also found many forgotten secrets of the universe that your old cultures were aware of, the ancient cultures of Atlantis, Lemuria. 

We wish to share with you the many healing techniques and so we leave you today with the vibration of love. 

We are the council of light

City of light-Andromeda 

Go well